TRIC Trenchless M50 System

  Contractors on municipal jobs don’t have any time to waste. The TRIC M50 is the perfect combination of size and power for those easements and other tight spots where bigger equipment just won’t fit. Strong enough to burst 8-inch main lines, yet compact enough to set up by hand. Use either a backhoe* or our dedicated high-flow hydraulic pump to operate.

Pulling force: 48 tons @ 5,000 psi
Piston area: 19.24 square inches
Hydraulic flow rate: Maximum 20 GPM
Cable size: Maximum 7/8” (22mm) swaged
Puller weight: 135 pounds
12” pulley base: 95 pounds

*Hydraulic field equipment such as backhoes, loaders, and PTO devices have varying pressure and flow capacities. Consult with TRIC technical support for optimal use of your system.