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Rental Options For All Your Sewer Lateral Replacement Needs

TRIC Tools offers pipebursting equipment rentals for all your sewer lateral replacement needs.  One of the most popular and most requested services we offer is equipment rentals.  Our contractors really enjoy how easy it is to request and rent a system, and we also offer support for installations and training as well. Tric has pioneered the pipebursting sewer lateral industry and our trained technicians are here to help or assist you in any way possible. So whether you need a complete system or simply just few parts to complete your project, Tric Tools has you covered.

We offer convenient pickup and drop of on any of our systems. If you would like to learn more about our pipe bursting equipment rental requirements pick up the phone and speak with one of our experienced techs, 888-883-8742.


TRIC offers rentals of pipebursting equipment to replace sewers and other underground utilities in both residential and municipal applications


TRIC rents individual components as well as complete systems from its locations in Northern & Southern California

Bay Area

Our Alameda (Northern CA) headquarters offers service and rentals of our full line of equipment: M100, M50, X30, and supporting peripherals


Our Los Angeles Metro (Southern CA) branch office currently offers residential systems and component rentals such as the X30 and supporting peripherals

Contact us now to get started on your path to pipebursting profits with the industry’s pioneer. We make it easy!  Call Toll-Free: 888-883-8742

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