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10K Gauge: The Most Reliable and Durable

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The TRIC Tools 10K gauge is a part of our line of trenchless technologies accessories, designed as options for successful work. The 10K gauge is an essential component for monitoring pressure spikes and thresholds in hydraulic systems, including the TRIC hydraulic power packs. Its durable and reliable patented design is backed by generations of craftsmanship.

The TRIC Tools 10k Gauge

The principle function of the TRIC 10k gauge is to provide feedback on equipment performance in the form of system-pressure information. The gauge is an indispensable component for job site safety, quality control, equipment-malfunction alerts and system troubleshooting.

The device measures internal pressures as high as 10,000 PSI, wherever necessary, keeping fluid power reliable and predictable and signaling leaks or impactful pressure changes.

The gauge attaches to pipes quickly and securely with easy-to-use connectors, and its liquid-filled display, measured in 200-PSI and 20-bar increments, protects it against potential damage by dampening vibrations and high pressure-cycles.

The gauge provides essential operating information on conditions and system events, including pulling force, pull resistance, expander pressures, pipe-path bends, joints or couplings, compact soil or dense root infiltration.

An Essential Component

Our patented TRIC Tools 10K gauge is the most reliable and durable available, making it an indispensable element in any hydraulic pipe-bursting operation. As one of our pipe bursting accessories, it forms a part of our trenchless solutions that have allowed utilities, technicians and contractors to safely and accurately complete commercial and residential jobs.

Backed By Industry Experience

Established in 1997, and now a holder of five international and US patents, TRIC Tools has continued to set standards and shape the trenchless and lateral-repair industry by providing proprietary tools, services and technology for water, sewer, gas and other below ground pipe systems. Contact our experienced team today.

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