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Top Four Options for Trenchless Technologies Accessories

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When you perform a lot of trenchless repairs and pipe bursting services, having the right trenchless technologies accessories makes all the difference. Durable accessories help you get the job done right the first time. At TRIC Tools, our precision-engineered accessories boost your productivity and customer satisfaction rates.

10k Gauge

When it comes to a successful pipe bursting project, safety is the top priority. Our 10k gauge gives you precise pressure measurements in all soil and environmental conditions. The patented technology in our 10k gauge ensures that you get accurate pressure measurements to maintain safety while working on a pipe bursting project.

3/8-inch Steel Cable

The last thing you want in the midst of a pipe bursting project is a failed cable. Our 3/8-inch steel cable serves as a durable solution when running a line from the mole to the puller through the original pipe. We recommend keeping a spool on hand for unforeseen issues and unexpected replacement needs.

3/4-inch Swaged Cable

Complete residential pipe bursting projects in a hurry with our 3/4-inch swaged cable. It's compatible with our pipe pullers, including the popular X30 unit. Pair this cable with our four- and six-inch standard or six-inch TRIC-lock bursting head for a swift and hassle-free pipe bursting project.

Duct Rodder

Preparation is the key to a great final result in all types of pipe bursting projects. Our duct rodder accommodates both the 3/8-inch steel cable and the 3/4-inch swaged cable. It smoothly feeds the cable through the pipe. Pair it with our pulling and bursting equipment, or keep it on hand for when you can't manually spool the cable.

TRIC Tools' dependable pipe bursting accessories increases your business's productivity and range of services. For more details about our trenchless accessories, get in touch with us today.

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