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What Are Hydraulic Pumps?

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TRIC Tools is your trusted source for hydraulic pumps for pipe bursting equipment. These pumps are needed because they are a reliable source of pressure for the hydraulic systems needed to operate pipe bursting devices and other related accessories.

What a Hydraulic Pump Does

A hydraulic pump works by converting mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. The generated energy is a combination of flow and pressure. The difference between one hydraulic pump and another one is how much fluid can be "pushed" or moved, which determines how fast the pump can spin. The delivery of pressure is measured in gallons per minute (GPM).

How It Helps with the Pipe Bursting Process

Hydraulic pumps for pipe bursting equipment have pressure gauges that tell the operator how much pressure is being delivered at any given moment. This information is necessary to ensure the pump is producing the amount of pressure needed to break up the old or damaged pipe. The bursting head needs enough pressure or power to be able to pull or push the product pipe into the newly formed cavity.

Benefits of Using Hydraulic Pumps for Pipe Bursting

A hydraulic pump is an alternative to a pull rod, and an appealing one because of the ability to deliver more pressure. The pointed bursting head needs to have enough pressure to break up the pipe that's being pushed down into the ground in a way that's seamless and consistent so the new pipe can be simultaneously inserted. There's also increased control with hydraulic pumps because of the ability to carefully monitor pressure.

Get the Hydraulic Pumps You Need Today

The pumps for pipe bursting equipment you purchase from TRIC Tools will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will gladly answer your questions and ensure you get what you need.

Contact us today for the best hydraulic pumps for use with trenchless technologies.

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