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Why Is the 10K Gauge an Invaluable Pipe Bursting Tool?

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In order to prevent difficulties on the job as well as avoid a messy worksite, it is important that the right tools be used when bursting pipes. The 10K gauge helps to eliminate these issues by measuring the applied pressure and ensuring better quality control. Durable in design and one of the most reliable pipe bursting tools, the job can get done quickly and safely with the 10K gauge. TRIC Tools sheds light on just how important the 10k gauge is for the pipe bursting process.

Pipe Bursting Heads

When it comes to clearing out debris and material in order to add a new pipe, having the proper pipe bursting heads is essential. Along with clearing debris, these heads also help to break up old deteriorated pipes as well making the process much more affordable.

Trenchless Pipe Piercing Equipment

In order to gain access to the pipe, a good piercing tool is needed to create a hole that allows access while remaining compact. Most standard piercing tools work well with regular soil and tend to have a longer body life.

Some of the other features of trenchless pipe piercing equipment include:

  • Easy to inspect and maintain onsite Equipped with rear anvil
  • Extremely secure with a high clamp load
  • Tailcone prevents debris from entering the tools' body
  • Reverse feature with lock helps to maintain direction when boring

With the combination of the proper piercing equipment along with a quality busting head, replacing pipes via this new method doesn't take anywhere near the time that it used to. Not only are the costs phenomenally different, but the difference in the overall workmanship and the timeframe for completion is remarkable as well. The right trenchless piercing equipment makes way for a minimalist entry, and the 10K gauge clears the way in the most efficient and eco-friendliest way possible.

If you would like to know more about the 10K gauge and how it can benefit you, feel free to contact TRIC Tools.

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