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Annandale Virginia Water and Sewer Line Repair

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For many homeowners in Annandale, a sewer system emergency is a concern that is often associated with expensive repair costs and long bouts of downtime. VA Plumbing is a proud provider of water and sewer line repair solutions that are eco-friendly and cost-effective in the Annandale area and is prepared to meet the needs of the customers as quickly as possible.

Signs That A Water or Sewer Line Needs To Be Repaired

VA Plumbing experts arrive on a property with the goal of effectively fixing the problem. To do this, an inspection of the sewer system is conducted right away. This insight allows us to accurately pinpoint the cause of typical water and sewer line problems, with many of these symptoms including backups, slow-moving water, and foul odors exuded by the oils and waste found inside of the sewer line. With this information in place, we can determine the preferred method for long-lasting water and sewer line repairs.

The Repair Process

At VA Plumbing, the inspection phase of the process is designed to ensure that the diagnosis reached is accurate and comprehensive. Following the results received through the inspection, the experts will take the time to thoroughly clean the pipe if a lining solution is recommended.

During this cleaning session, high-pressure blasts of water are injected into the water or sewer line in question. The water is hot and forceful, and the special nozzle attached to the spout redirects the water in a spherical, multi-directional motion that ensures that the entire pipeline diameter is addressed in the cleaning. This process is not only able to remove clogs and tree root clumps but also prepare the pipe for the lining process by restoring the original smoothness of the pipe’s interior diameter. CIPP lining is a very flexible solution, as it allows experts to restore small sections of the pipe or the entire length of the line if needed.

Once the cleaning process is finished, the lining process can begin. The cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining method of repairs involves inserting a liner coated with epoxy resin into the pipe. The epoxy resin is liquidized and is a combination of various materials that, once it hardens, makes it a durable and strong liner. The liner is placed in position and inflated with an artificial bladder. This forces the liner to expand and become pressed to the inside of the pipe, adopting its shape and transferring the resin from the liner to the interior of the faulty water or sewer line. After the epoxy resin has been applied, the liner is deflated and removed, and for the next several hours, the resin is given time to cure in place and harden. After the allotted time has been given, the epoxy resin has formed the new pipe inside of the old one. The epoxy-based liner has an estimated lifespan of 50 years or more with maintenance, ensuring that the repairs will be long-lasting and save customers time and money.

Pipe Bursting As Another Option

In addition to the CIPP lining process, there is also pipe bursting, an alternate solution that is still trenchless-based. Pipe bursting is a solution recommended for lines that are severely damaged, such as the sewer line collapsing or eroded to the point that CIPP lining would be ineffectual. In these scenarios, a bursting machine is inserted into the pipe. This machine drills through the collapsed portions of the old pipe while fragmenting it apart. The debris is released into the surrounding soil, and while this is occurring, a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe is dragged along behind the bursting machine. This allows the VA Plumbing experts to simultaneously eliminate the old pipe and offer a new replacement without extensive excavation or downtime.

Reach Out To VA Plumbing To Learn More

VA Plumbing is a reliable company that is proud to offer water and sewer line repair services to the residents of Annandale and all of Virginia. With cost-effective options and trenchless alternatives, water and sewer line repairs are no longer associated with the destruction and invasive qualities of the traditional, dig-and-replace processes. Continuing to innovate and grow every day, VA Plumbing has become a leader in the industry. If you live in the Annandale community and think you may require water or sewer line repairs, call VA Plumbing to learn more about their services and how they can assist you.

Having a line that is not working as it should is any homeowner’s nightmare. Waking up to a flooded toilet is not only a big mess, but can also be dangerous to your health since that sewage can be contaminated by all sort of bacteria.

There are many reasons why a water or sewer line can need repairing and start to have trouble carrying away the wastewater in your house. Obstructions are a common one and can be caused by things that are sent down the drain, such as oil from the kitchen sink, or by roots that break into the pipes and start to grow inside them, creating a dense mat that catches any passing debris and prevents the water from flowing freely.

More Complex Issues

Sometimes pipes can crack or break because of their age. If you live in an old home, you probably have a water or sewer line that has many problems, although they might not be visible yet. Old pipe joints can separate, leaking into the surrounding soil. Aged pipes are also prone to cracks and broken pieces, and if they are made from cast iron, after decades of service they will corrode and wear out.

Back in the old days when a line needed to be repaired it would need to be dug out. This meant having to destroy any landscape or hardscape over the pipes, which could be costly and take many days to be done. Fortunately, those are things of the past, and we can now offer you what is known as a trenchless sewer repair. Depending on the condition of your pipes, we can either fix any problems in it, or completely replace the whole line.

How We Do Pipe Repairs

First of all, we will do a video inspection to check out the pipes. This lets us diagnose their condition and structural integrity to decide which is the best solution. If the pipes are broken or cracked, we can offer you a pipe lining service.

Simply put, what we do is insert a bladder into the pipe. This bladder is coated with a special epoxy, and once it reaches the exact location where the repair is necessary, we will inflate it so it completely covers the pipe’s inner surface, and leave it for a few hours to cure. Once the epoxy has hardened, it will be strong enough to act as a new pipe section, getting rid of any cracks and patching up any broken pieces. Best of all, it will last over 50 years.

If our video inspection shows us a line that is damaged beyond repair, we can do a trenchless replacement. Instead of digging up the whole line, all we need are a couple of holes at each end. An expanding head is inserted into the line, and as it travels along it expands and bursts the current pipes while pulling a new pipe section behind. Once it reaches the other end, an entirely new line has been installed.

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These new technologies can save you money and be finished in one day, and we at AK Pipe Lining Co. have skilled staff who is ready to help you with your next water or sewer repair. Give us a call and request an appointment; we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

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