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Annandale Virginia Trenchless Water and Sewer Line Replacement

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Trenchless water and sewer line replacements are a relatively new process, but their rise in popularity has increased significantly. At VA Plumbing, customers living in Annandale can be confident with the quality of repairs they receive from this excellent company. Founded on the principles of effective repair solutions and producing long-lasting results, the team at VA Plumbing take their work seriously and are devoted to offering excellent customer service.

When Trenchless Water or Sewer Line Replacements Are Recommended

Trenchless water or sewer line replacements, while practical and eco-friendly, are only recommended if the following symptoms are discovered:

  • The pipe has collapsed
  • The pipe material is badly damaged and corroded
  • Portions of the pipe are missing as a result of breaking down

For these situations, water and sewer lines can’t be repaired with conventional methods, but fortunately, VA Plumbing has the equipment needed to approach these situations from a different angle.

Early Steps Of The Trenchless Water and Sewer Line Replacement Process

Prior to any repairs being completed, a camera inspection is conducted. This process involves inserting a waterproof camera and optic cable into your pipeline. VA Plumbing’s experienced technicians will arrive promptly for your scheduled appointment, review your concerns with you, and will usually recommend the pipe bursting technique as a water or sewer pipeline repair after a camera inspection has been performed to identify the actual cause of your pipeline symptoms.

The camera is fed into the pipeline and it sends video back to our technician. Our team member is able to see exactly what is causing the pipeline disturbance. If our technician finds extensive damage throughout the inspection, such as multiple breaks or large cracks in your pipeline, pipe bursting could be recommended.

Pipe Bursting Is The Preferred Trenchless Water and Sewer Line Replacement Method

Pipe bursting involves attaching a pipe breaking head, called a mole, to the beginning of the new, replacement pipe. At the far end of the original pipe, a small access hole is made in the ground. At this end, a hydraulic pulling machine is attached to a chain. The chain is inserted through the old pipe to the area where the new pipe and mole head are waiting to enter through another small access hole. The chain is attached to the mole and the pulling begins.

As the mole and new pipe are pulled into the old pipe, the mole fragments the old pipe. These fragments are pushed into the surrounding soil as the new pipe follows the mole. At the end of the process, the new pipe has completely replaced the old one.

After the process is completed, the two access holes can be filled. Gone are the days when an entire lawn and possibly a driveway or sidewalk needs to be dug up and discarded in an effort to find and remove the old pipe before laying in a new one. Gone are the days when landscape and hardscape crew costs need to be factored into the pipe replacing budget.

The Benefits of Trenchless Water and Sewer Line Replacements

The team at VA Plumbing understands that replacing the water or sewer line is a stressful process for homeowners, but they have worked hard to make the process more convenient and easier. In the past, replacement methods involved digging trenches to expose the faulty line, remove it, and replace it, and this process could take weeks to resolve. Gone are the days when landscaping and properties are invaded and demolished by labor crews.

Instead, VA Plumbing completes the job within a single day and without the expensive property damage. This process not only cuts down on remediation costs, but it also saves customers valuable time by ensuring that their schedule isn’t disrupted for several days on end.

Call VA Plumbing To Learn More

The qualified team at VA Plumbing is ready to assist the residents of Annandale with services that are reliable and completely effective. With methods in place to ensure that the process is smooth and long-lasting, VA Plumbing will fix any problem with speed and at an affordable rate that is budget-friendly. Call VA Plumbing to learn more about the trenchless water or sewer line replacement process and how these services can help you, and they look forward to working with you.

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