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Arlington Virginia Trenchless Water and Sewer Line Replacement

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Traditional methods of water and sewer line repairs have fallen to the wayside with the advent of trenchless pipe replacement services. Dominating the industry across the nation, VA Plumbing is a leading company in conducting trenchless water or sewer line replacements effectively by eliminating demolition while keeping costs low for customers. These positive qualities allow the process to become highly favored across the state of Virginia, as well as in Arlington, and when you need quick replacements that won’t take weeks or even months to finish, VA Plumbing will have the solutions you need.

How Trenchless Water and Sewer Line Replacement Works

Trenchless water and sewer line replacements allow the specialists at VA Plumbing to replace water or sewer lines without excessive digging on properties. This process is fast and reliable, involving limited access points to be installed. Our initial inspection of the water or sewer system will allow us to determine the severity of the damage as well as the best solution for fixing it. When cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining can’t be employed, pipe bursting is the solution recommended.

Pipe bursting is particularly effective for fixing water or sewer lines that have collapsed or corroded so extensively that lining solutions are unable to reverse the damage. In this process, a drilling head is inserted into the pipeline, breaking apart and fragmenting the host pipe. As the fragments are being safely released into the soil, the drilling head drags along a new, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe from behind it. This HDPE pipe is comprised of incredibly strong and durable materials, and the drilling head creates space for the new pipe to be safely installed. In a simultaneous process, the host pipe is both destroyed and replaced with a new, long-lasting pipe.

Trenchless Water or Sewer Line Replacements & The Benefits

There are many benefits to investing in trenchless water or sewer line replacements, including:

  • Customers save money
  • Customers do not need to relocate
  • A customer’s busy schedule isn’t interrupted
  • Landscaping and homes are preserved

VA Plumbing has made it a top priority to provide customers with solutions that are more reliable and effective than past methods. With traditional, dig-and-replace processes, the landscaping on a property would need to be dug up, with deep trenches often extending across huge swaths of the property. Not only could this prevent a health hazard by releasing dangerous toxins into the air supply this also created huge amounts of property damage that was tasked to the homeowners to remediate following the completion of the job. In addition, the time needed to dig the trenches was significant and often required the water services to be turned off, as well as having the customers relocate to a nearby hotel to reside in during the duration of the repairs. This added weeks to an already time-consuming process, and the resulting damage made the process far from desirable.

At VA Plumbing, trenchless water or sewer line replacements are celebrated for their quick turnaround time and eco-friendly qualities. By significantly reducing the amount of excavation and property damage, customers are able to save time and money on the entire job. Cleanup is limited to filling small holes if needed, and there is no risk of chemicals being released into the air, making the process safer and more reliable. In addition, remediation costs are eliminated and this allows customers to focus on investing in the repair job itself rather than collateral damage in post. There is no need to budget for the equipment needed to plow through the landscaping, to refill the trenches created with the removed dirt, or for the labor crews visiting the property. The new HDPE pipe that we install has a long lifespan, and at an estimated 50 years, VA Plumbing can guarantee that frequent repairs in the future won’t be required.

Call VA Plumbing To Learn More

At VA Plumbing, the team understands that customers across Arlington are looking for the most economical solution to the problem and at the same time, also wanting the problem to be fixed correctly. The team is versatile and ready to recommend the right solution for every problem encountered in an Arlington home and business, and when you need repairs done promptly, look no further than VA Plumbing. Call today to learn more about how their trenchless-based services can help you.

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