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Benbrook Texas Sewer Line Repair

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At Lone Star Trenchless, sewer line repairs have evolved and become more efficient and effective than previous methods. Residents across Benbrook, Texas, can trust in their work to provide high-quality results.

Trenchless Technology At Lone Star Trenchless

Lone Star trenchless has invested in trenchless technology for all of their services. This ensures that properties and landscaping are preserved and keeps costs low and convenient for customers. Unlike traditional methods that required extensive digging and excavation prior to any cleaning or inspection work being conducted, this new technology makes it possible for these services to be performed directly inside of the pipe, saving valuable time and encouraging fast repairs. These services include:

  • Sewer camera inspections
  • Drain cleaning services
  • Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining
  • Pipe bursting

With trenchless technology, all of these processes are more effective and promote better results. In addition, sewer camera inspections and drain cleaning services complement the sewer line repair process as well, resulting in a more precise rehabilitation job.

Sewer Line Repairs & The Steps

When Lone Star Trenchless experts first arrive on the scene, they will conduct a sewer camera inspection of the sewer system. This camera is minuscule and waterproof, and as it is inserted into the pipe, it captures high-definition images for the technicians to reference. These pictures provide the exact location and nature of the damage in the sewer lines and are used to make educated decisions about the best treatment for the pipes. This includes information regarding the age of the pipe, the pipeline materials, and the extent of damage and debris found inside of them. All of these components inform the decisions of the Lone Star Trenchless experts and allow them to determine the best solution that will not only fix the immediate problem but ensure that no additional issues are created in the aftermath of the job.

Following the inspection and discussion of the recommended solution, the sewer line is cleaned with hydro jetting. The jetting equipment releases hot, high-pressure water inside of the pipes to strip away the debris, including grease, rust or mineralization, and waste accumulation. As a form of deep-cleaning, this treatment is used to remove dense clogs and break down tree roots while preparing the pipes for the sewer lining process.

Once the pipe has been completely cleaned, the sewer line repair process itself can begin. Without removing your existing pipes, a liner impregnated with epoxy resin is inserted into the sewer system. The liner is expanded and forces the epoxy resin to adhere to the interior of the pipe. After a curing period of anywhere from a few to several hours, the liner hardens to form a brand new pipe. With a lifespan of approximately 50 years and the flexibility to be installed in any type of pipeline system, sewer line repairs with Lone Star Trenchless have become extremely popular and reliable all across Benbrook and Texas.

Pipe Bursting As Another Option

While CIPP lining is versatile and effective, the Lone Star trenchless professionals also offer pipe bursting as another option in case CIPP lining isn’t an effective solution for a given situation. For instance, pipe bursting is particularly effective for repairing pipelines that have burst or eroded so extensively that attempting to repair it with CIPP lining would be ineffectual. With this information in mind, pipe bursting serves to replace the old pipe with a new one, still by using trenchless methods rather than digging trenches.

To achieve this, a bursting head is inserted into the pipe. A machine that can be customized to fit inside of any sewer line diameter with ease, the powerful bursting head is designed to fragment the old pipe apart and create space for the new HDPE pipe to be smoothly installed. This all-in-one process saves customers valuable time and money by bypassing several steps and creating a solution that is comprehensive and reliable.

Call The Team At Lone Star Trenchless Today!

For residents in Benbrook, sewer line emergencies no longer need to be associated with the stress and inconvenience of dig-and-replace methods. The professionals at Lone Star Trenchless pride themselves on offering new and improved repair methods to their customers, and their excellent and friendly customer service ensures that the job is finished with efficiency and professionalism. If you have any questions about the sewer line repair options available in Benbrook or across Texas, don’t hesitate – call Lone Star Trenchless

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