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Buy Pipe Bursting Equipment in Boston

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Buy Pipe Bursting Equipment in Boston

Trenchless Pipe Repair Equipment Digging trenches on a customer’s property in order to repair their pipes is no longer the preferred method of repair. At TRIC Tools, we promote trenchless technology to allow companies to perform pipe repairs with ease. Our pipe bursting equipment is of the highest quality, allowing pipes to be renewed entirely from the inside. For companies in the Boston area who require our pipe bursting equipment for their repair requirements, call our team at TRIC Tools for details.

Our trenchless technology is here to make sure there is no need of digging holes in the floor or tear through the walls. Our aim is to solve the problem of faulty pipes, damaged areas, and leaks without destroying properties. With our pipe bursting trenchless technology, we make it possible to reinforce pipes from the inside. The former pipe is fractured apart with a bursting head while the new pipe is pulled into the same position of the old pipe, allowing it to be an effective replacement within a few hours. It offers a faster, straightforward, and extremely efficient solution for defective pipelines and their repair.

We offer pipe bursting equipment suitable for all types of pipes. No matter what is the type of pipes that need fixing, our bursting equipment is capable of fixing it quickly and providing premium quality material that lasts longer and fixes well. Whether pipes are made of clay, iron cast, PVC, or any other material, our effective bursting process will produce a product that will far exceed their durability while eliminating the need to dig holes and worry about the mess left behind because our equipment leaves behind little presence of a repair job.

At TRIC Tools, we have worked hard for the approval of HDPE plastics to be employed in residential communities. This initiative turned out to be a major breakthrough in the pipe bursting industry, opening the door for the lateral bursting industry making our trenchless method the standard trenchless technology method all over America. Our work was further approved, and the installation of polyethylene through trenchless methods became a standard in fixing sewer laterals. Our methods and material are certified by authorities and can be used without risking safety or going against the law and are compatible with pipes of any size and geometry. Furthermore, our equipment is designed to fix pipes in both municipal as well as commercial projects. Therefore, our products are not confined to residential services only, and we offer diversity and applicability on a large scale.

We are a top name in the pipe bursting industry thanks to the quality of our products and their effectiveness. Working for several years in the industry, we have always exhibited the attitude of learners and innovators. We pursue every new technological advancement in the pipe bursting industry and use it to come up with the perfect products. Our aim is to provide convenience, and we believe in making long-term customers on the basis of our quality service. We want to develop trust and a friendly relationship with you. Therefore, our pipe bursting equipment is the best that you will ever get in Boston. We deliver excellence when we repair your pipes, ensuring that they don’t fall apart.

Contact TRIC Tools now at 510-865-8742 to buy pipe bursting equipment that is of the highest quality and is safe, resilient, and effective to use in any situation.

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