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Trenchless Pipe Repair NYC No professional in any industry can work well without the right tools. Regardless of their skill level, plumbers and sewer repair technicians need the top-of-the-line equipment and toolkits to offer the best possible services and solutions for their customers. At TRIC Tools, we offer the most advanced equipment in the industry at great prices in order for plumbing businesses to produce the best results. Our pipe bursting equipment is among some of the most innovative and affordable, and at TRIC Tools, we are proud to offer these excellent options for plumbing businesses across New York City.

Top-of-the-Line Pipe Bursting Equipment

Pipe bursting has become the leading pipe replacement technique for repairing severely damaged pipes. Pipe bursting equipment allows plumbers who specialize in trenchless pipe repairs to complete the process with minimal digging, avoiding costly damage to landscaping and hardscaping. In the process of pipe bursting, technicians will intentionally break up the compromised sewer line to make way for a replacement line. A pipe bursting machine consists of several components, including a hydraulic power supply, a pulling machine, pulling rods, retaining machine and a conical bursting head. We include all of these invaluable components in order to ensure that the work is seamless and done effectively.

In addition to offering the products, we also provide training on how to use these supplies effectively. We teach technicians the process of attaching a torpedo-shaped bursting head to a replacement pipeline and use it to fracture through the entire length of the damaged pipe, pushing the fragments into the surrounding earth, where they harmlessly disintegrate. On its way through the pipeline, the replacement pipe is simultaneously slotted into place in the cavity left behind by the bursting head. This repair process is highly effective for restoring collapsed, corroded or broken pipes, and takes place entirely underground, which saves customers from large-scale property damage.

Why Should You Invest in the Best Equipment?

Plumbers who focus on providing trenchless repairs have a distinct competitive advantage over plumbers that are still relying on outdated dig-and-replace techniques. Sewer line problems are one of the most dreaded situations for any homeowner. If you can offer a solution that resolves their pipe problems more quickly, efficiently, and at an affordable rate than a full-scale excavation, you can set yourself apart from the rest of the pack, while creating a lot of satisfied customers in the process.

A properly equipped trenchless repair company can complete any job quickly and grow their clientele with positive word of mouth and customer testimonials. Having the right tools for every job can also help your plumbing business establish a better professional reputation by allowing you to complete repair projects faster and more reliably. Your clients will love the way trenchless repair helps them save time and money on even the most extensive sewer line projects.   

The TRIC Tools Advantage

TRIC Tools developed the first practical pipe bursting system for sewer laterals, thus sparking the trenchless sewer revolution in the United States. At TRIC Tools, we provide trenchless plumbers with the most innovative equipment available, so you can spend more of your time and energy focusing on growing your client base and working on the things that matter most to your business. Visit our website to check out our selection of pipe bursting heads and other high-quality pipeline equipment.

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