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Pipe Bursting Equipment Rentals In Oakland, California

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Bursting Equipment Oakland California There certainly are a great deal of plumbing contractors in Oakland, California that are aware of the trenchless pipe bursting method. That being said they may not know exactly what it is and how the process works. Furthermore these plumbing business owners do not realize exactly how it can help them gain more customers, and maximize the profits of each job at the same time. Do not worry if you fall into that category. You are definitely not alone. That is why TRIC Tools, the leader in trenchless pipe bursting equipment rentals, has created the following information.

We know that it will provide you with a far greater understanding of the trenchless industry, and hope that it will help your company grow to new heights. Let us start by comparing the technologically advanced trenchless pipe bursting method to the traditional open trench excavation process. Open trench excavation is the most common way to replace broken, cracked, and split sewer pipes. It includes digging down to and exposing the existing pipe in order to remove and replace it with a new one, and then backfilling the trench.

As a professional plumbing contractor we know that you are fully aware of the work involved, but we would like to break it down so you can actually read it in print. Materials must be ordered, delivered to the job site, and stored there until the work commences. Any pavement located near the sewer pipeline must be cut to the trench width using a pavement saw. The trenches must be dug to the curb in order to install the laterals. Any pavement and materials that are excavated must be removed by large construction equipment, loaded into dump trucks, and hauled away from the work site and dumped.

The new pipe is then installed in the trench. Once that step is complete the trench is backfilled with either sand or gravel and then compacted. At that point the curb and sidewalk is repaired or replaced if needed. Any areas of paving that impacted are re-paved. The landscaping that was destroyed is repaired or replaced. The streets are cleaned and the property owner or municipality can get back to normal. We are not telling you anything that you do not already know, but it sure seems like a lot of work for a small profit margin.

By the time you pay for all of those man-hours, materials, and operating costs of the heavy-duty excavation equipment how much profit are you actually left with? The answer is not nearly enough. Now we will talk about the trenchless pipe bursting method. Instead of excavating a trench that runs along the length, depth, and width of the existing sewer pipeline only a small access point is needed at each end. You do not need to physically expose the pipe, remove it, and then replace with a new one. The pipe bursting equipment removes the existing pipeline at the same time that it installs the new pipeline.

The technology allows this all to occur safely underground. Are you aware of how long the entire process typically takes? The answer is going to surprise you in a good way. The entire trenchless pipe bursting method typically takes as little as one day to complete from start to finish. Just imagine how many man-hours that will save your payroll on a weekly basis. Now multiply that savings on a monthly basis, and then a yearly basis. The figures are mind-boggling. The good news is that additional profit can be used to help your business grow even more, and line your own pockets.

TRIC Tools pipe bursting equipment rental program makes it easy to get started. We offer flexible rental payment plans that you can afford, and even provide you with all of the training and customer support that is needed to run a successful pipe bursting business.

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