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An Introduction to Pipe Bursting

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Pipe replacement, whether for businesses, households or municipal drain systems, is a major operation. Traditionally, pipe replacement has relied on complete excavation of the old pipe for replacement. The process could end up costly and result in extensive disruption.

Trenchless pipe replacement, in this case, pipe bursting, is a revolutionary process that requires only a launch and receiving pit to completely replace a line while still underground. At TRIC Tools, we understand the importance of efficient operations. As the leading manufacturer of trenchless pipe piercing equipment, we provide the top-quality products needed to carry out pipe replacements with a minimum of time and cost.

How the Pipe Bursting Process Works

The process begins with two pits, one on either end. At the launch end, a pulling machine brings an expander head, also known as pipe bursting heads, through the path of the existing pipe. The cone-shaped expander head breaks up the pipe and pulls the replacement line into place directly behind it. Once the process is complete, the bursting head is retrieved at the receiving pit.

Types of Pipe Bursting Methods

Smaller diameter pipes or pipes with multiple bends are good cases for HDD or directional drilling, which can involve a rotary device. Bursting with hydraulic expanders is another method that’s useful for iron or steel pipes typically used for manhole spaces or large-diameter gravity or pressure pipes.

The most common methods, however, are pneumatic and static bursting.

The pneumatic process uses an air-driven hammer and constant line tension to break the line. It’s fast, but can’t be used on potable-water lines as it involves liquefied petroleum, which can contaminate the water system. Pneumatic systems, however, use smaller pulling units and require less digging.

Static pipe bursting utilizes a consistent high-tonnage pull with a hydraulically powered pulling device to break lines. It’s a simple process that can be used for gas and water lines. Hydraulic power systems, such as the Hi-Flow 14 and 36 Hydraulic Pumps, are also more durable and effective than pneumatic systems.

Advantages of Pipe Bursting

While traditional excavation can take up large areas, time and cost, the minimal digging and equipment involved in trenchless pipe bursting enable work in high traffic areas or environments that don’t allow excavation, such as nearby buildings, busy roads or landscaped grounds. Costs and time significantly reduce also.

An Industry Leader

TRIC Tools is a leading manufacturer of trenchless equipment. Our state-of-the-art equipment and latest innovations will be able to expand a plumbing service’s offerings and get the customers the most effective trenchless service available. Contact TRIC Tools today.

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