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High-Powered and Small-Footprint Pipe Pulling Equipment at TRIC Tools

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TRIC Tools recognizes that pipe replacement represents a serious project, which has meant extensive and inconvenient excavation and digging until now. With today’s trenchless methods, however, pipe replacement has become a much simpler and minimally-invasive process.

Modern plumbing solutions can now work by replacing pipes with the use of effective trenchless pipe bursting equipment and accessories, doing away with the need to dig extensively. To complete a satisfactory replacement, those new to the process or upgrading existing capabilities will require efficient and high-quality equipment.

Pulling Units

These are an essential component of trenchless repair and pipe bursting. To complete the work, these units drive a bursting head through old or deteriorated pipes or sewer lines, breaking them up and pushing them aside while drawing a replacement pipe along behind. The power and size of our trenchless pipe pullers for sale at TRIC Tools should match the project types you complete.

X30 System

The sleek and powerful X30 is a top choice of 6-inch-diameter pipes. The latest updates have made it one of the most durable and reliable X-Series pullers.

M100 System

The M100 is a prime example of the ability of TRIC trenchless pipe repair equipment to fit high power into a small space, giving it the preparedness to take on limited-access, rough soil projects. It’s set up for bursting 8-inch to 12-inch sewers, and it can run from field equipment or a TRIC Hi-Flow hydraulic pump.

M50 System

The TRIC M50 has the power and size to quickly set up in areas of limited access, increasing operational efficiency for municipal projects on the clock. This piece of pipe bursting equipment for sale at TRIC Tools sets up by hand but can still burst 8-inch mains while running off a backhoe or hydraulic pump.

Hydraulic Pumps

In addition to pulling units, we provide our proprietary brand of efficient and simple-to-operate hydraulic pumps with five sets available to suit a job’s level of difficulty. These include:

Hi-Flow 14

Hi-Flow 14

The new TRIC hydraulic-pump line is formulated to maximize performance for pipe bursting in residential projects. The Hi-Flow 14 works well in combination with the X30 puller, increasing speed by as much as four times over previous power plants.

Hi-Flow 14

Hi-Flow 36

This pump is for contractors who value speed in municipal projects. Designed to work with the M-Series systems, the Hi-Flow 36 powers the largest TRIC machines at top capacity.

Bursting Heads

Our five sets of custom bursting heads epitomize the need for durable and quality equipment where a broken head can lead to large-scale problems. TRIC-Lock bypasses fusing a bursting head to pipes, increasing maneuverability. All heads except the 8 Inch Standard pull with ¾-inch cable and an open shackle and manage tight entries by hinging the pulling eye at the shackle pin.

TRIC Lock 4 Inch

This head directly attaches to a 4-inch SDR17 pipe’s open end without the need to fuse with a replacement HDPE pipe or involve a PE cap.

8 Inch Standard

This standard head pulls PE pipe-ends and caps that are fused to a replacement HDPE pipe. It pulls with 7/8-inch to 1.25-inch swaged cables and a 2-inch by 4.5-inch TPI stud termination. The new version has a three-inch diameter with three staggered and removable blades.

6 Inch TL

This head is a TRIC-Lock design that connects directly to a 6-inch SDR17 pipe’s open end without needing to fuse with an HDPE pipe or involve a PE cap.

Fusion Equipment

The three TRIC designs offer long-term durability for both large and small jobs.

14M Butt Fusion System

Designed for efficient centerline fusion force, this system can work from a cart placed to the side or front of a pipeline and manually operate. It also unplugs to carry out fusion at the ditch while heating to correct temperatures.


TRIC Tools also designs and carries helpful jobsite accessories for various types of work.

Get the Best in the Industry at TRIC Tools

The technology at TRIC Tools has saved the day for many utilities, contractors, and technicians when their existing systems were failing at the task. We’ve burst and replaced millions of feet of HDPE pipe for service laterals alone, and most towns and cities nationwide have approved the TRIC Trenchless pipe replacement method.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we dedicate our work to ensuring equipment simplicity, safety, and durability while providing the right tools and information that save time and money. If you have questions or to reach out for a consultation, call TRIC Tools or fill out the online form.

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