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Basic Features of Pipe Pulling Equipment

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TRIC Tools is a manufacturer of pipe bursting equipment. We are proud to say that we have earned a reputation for being the best in the field. If you need highly efficient, reasonably priced tools, we’re your trusted company. We go above and beyond to make sure that you get the best equipment for all of your pipe pulling projects. We proudly offer a variety of tools suitable for your pipe bursting and pulling needs. Our wide array of product lineup includes pulling units, hydraulic pumps, bursting heads, and pipe fusion equipment.

Pipe pulling equipment is primarily used to remove pipes that are no longer needed or are worn out from a trench. When a pipe needs to be replaced, a pipe puller is utilized. The basic features of pipe pulling equipment are:

1.  Sharply tapered buttress threads

All pipe pulling equipment has a tapered buttress-type thread that enables easier insertion of the puller. With a simple insertion, a trenchless pipe puller is screwed directly at either end of the pipe. It is also important to note that larger pipes are easier to insert compared to smaller ones.

2.  Heavy-duty swivel

You need to ensure that the pipe or the bore rods can rotate around freely during the pipe pulling work.

This is essential when pulling the pipes that are needed in perfect condition without bursting or breakage. When the heavy-duty swivel is well lubricated, it is capable of lasting longer below the ground.

3.  Steel Cable

A pipe puller machine has a calibrated steel cable that is installed inside a pipe that needs to be removed. This cable ensures that the desired length of the pipe to be replaced is reached without ruining the trench.

If you need pipe pullers for sale, be sure to contact us at TRIC Tools for more information or to purchase online.

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