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Different Kinds of Hydraulic Pumps and How They Work

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Hydraulic pumps are a type of positive-displacement machine that provides hydraulic flow to cylinders, motors, and other devices requiring fluid power. They can be motorized or operated by hand. As flow is produced, pressure increases, so hydraulic pumps require a pressure-relief valve. These types of pumps are useful for applications where an electric or motor-driven pump is too large and dangerous for the workspace. The experienced pros at TRIC Tools are experts in developing the right hydraulic pumps for pipe bursting equipment.

There are three primary types of hydraulic pumps for pipe bursting systems: Gear pumps, piston pumps, and vane pumps. Which pump you choose will vary depending on the task at hand.

Piston pumps come in two varieties: Axial and radial. An axial piston pump has internal cylinders with axially-mounted pistons. This design creates a flow that alternates between suction and discharge. The rate of flow is controlled by how far the pistons move inside the cylinders. Axial piston pumps can be variable-rate for better control. Radial piston pumps are designed around a central hub. As the hub rotates, fluid is forced into the cylinders and then forced out of it through inlet and outlet valves. Radial piston pumps can be fixed- or variable rate.

Gear pumps also come in two types: Internal gear or external gear. Internal gear pumps use internal and external gears, each on its own axis. As the gears rotate past each other, suction and discharge zones are created. These zones are separated by a sector element. In external gear pumps, the gears share an axis but rotate counter to one another. Oil is moved around the gears and discharged, with a small amount returning to the suction side. These types of pumps are popular because of the high pressures they are capable of creating.

Vane pumps create power by forcing fluid into a chamber containing a slotted rotor and fixed vanes or blades. One side of the cylinder is lined with small holes where the fluid is forced out, thus creating pressure. Vane pumps excel at moving low-viscosity fluids but are not designed for applications requiring high pressure.

At TRIC Tools, we design only the best hydraulic pumps for use with trenchless technologies. Let us help you choose the right hydraulic pump system for your job. Call us today!

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