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How Hydraulic Pumps Complement Trenchless Technology

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There's no question that trenchless technology is the better option when it comes to big plumbing projects like replacing old pipes. The pipe bursting heads that break apart the old pipes and pull in the new ones don't run by themselves, though. You might hear talk about manual or pneumatic pumps to power the pulling unit, but TRIC Tools recommends our hydraulic pumps for pipe bursting equipment, which work seamlessly with trenchless technology.

How It Works

As one might infer, a hydraulic pump is an energy converter that produces flow or fluid energy from mechanical energy. The flow energy drives the equipment in question, in this case, the pulling unit responsible for ensuring your pipe bursting head does its job to break up the old pipe while pulling a new one behind it. Some models of ours even go the extra model of alerting the operator to any obstructions like pipe bends, masses of tree roots, and compact soil that might make it challenging to drive the new pipe through the ground.

Why Choose Our Pumps

At TRIC Tools, we strive to develop products that deliver quality and efficiency. Our hydraulic pumps for pipe bursting systems are no exception. Hydraulic pumps may come out a little costly in comparison to manual or pneumatic units, but the power, durability, and efficiency that they offer far surpass both manual and pneumatic pumps in terms of performance. Whether replacing sewer lines, water lines, or gas pipes, a hydraulic pump is what you'll want to use to ensure the highest quality job possible.

At TRIC Tools, we have been developing industrial products for over 30 years. We commit to providing the best tools for trenchless projects which is why you will find some of the best hydraulic pumps for use with trenchless technologies. Not only will you find reassurance in our products to perform above your expectations, but our staff and customer service are always happy to help answer any questions with a friendly attitude. If you seek a hydraulic pump, visit our page, or contact us today for any questions that you might have.

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