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Importance of Pipe Bursting Heads

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It’s critical to have the right tool for every job, and that’s as true for trenchless pipe replacement as it is for any other plumbing service. If you’re not an expert plumber or if you’ve never had a trenchless pipe replacement project performed at your property, you might not be familiar with all the equipment that’s involved in the process. At TRIC Tools, we are highly familiar with this modern pipe replacement technique, and we’re pleased to offer the following helpful information to plumbing professionals and interested property owners alike.

What is a Pipe Bursting Head?

Pipe bursting heads are highly specialized drill bits that are designed to be attached to a horizontal drilling rig. They feature a narrow tip that allows them to enter a pipe when propelled by the rig. Several fin-style blades on the sides of the bit break up and scatter the pipe into the surrounding soil. Common pipe bursting head sizes are four, six, and eight inches in diameter.

How are Pipe Bursting Heads Used?

As the name would suggest, pipe bursting heads are employed to demolish old sewer and water pipes that are too small or too damaged for continued service. The pipe bursting process usually includes the simultaneous replacement of the existing pipe with a new pipe that’s hauled into place as the old pipeline is destroyed.

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