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M100: Small Footprint, High Power

Sewer and Drain Cleanin in Greater Seattle Area
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When your clients are in need of trenchless repairs that involve a limited-access area, the TRIC Tools M100 is the right choice. Its small footprint and high power allow it to fit into small pits and hammer through difficult soil. Read on to learn about the advantages offered by our M100 trenchless pipe puller.


The high power of the M100 makes it ideal for working in difficult terrain and bursting old cast iron and clay tile pipes. Power through municipal sewer lines measuring eight to 12 inches in diameter. The M100 pipe puller machine can also handle utility lines. With a pulling force of 98 tons at 5,000 psi, you simply cannot go wrong with the M100.


When you are working in the field, flexibility and adaptability are key. The M100 pipe pulling equipment can be powered by a backhoe or a portable TRIC Tools Hi-Flow hydraulic pump. This gives you more options for working on small work sites. If your company performs work for multiple clients at a time, the adaptability of the M100 allows you to get more done without having to purchase more equipment. Use it with standard or swaged cable depending on your project’s needs.

Power and Durability

There will be times when you must work in tough conditions. The steel resistance plate of the M100 resists vibrations and enhances worksite safety. Weighing 500 pounds, it measures 36 inches square and 1.5 inches thick. The hydraulic flow rate of 10 to 30 gpm delivers efficient pulling power to push through heavy soil and broken pipes.

The M100 is the ideal combination of power, speed, and small size. Its adaptability makes it the right choice for commercial, development, contractor, and municipal use. To learn more about the M100 and our other pipe pullers for sale, get in touch with TRIC Tools today.

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