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High-Powered and Small-Footprint Pipe Pulling Equipment at TRIC Tools

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At TRIC Tools, the leading pipe bursting equipment manufacturer today, we know that pipe replacement is a major plumbing operation. While projects have typically involved extensive digging and excavation, resulting in inconvenience for the client, the latest in trenchless pipe replacement solutions have simplified the game for all those involved.

Trenchless replacement makes use of pipe bursting, a minimally-invasive replacement method that works without a trench. If you’re just starting out or looking to extend your operations, efficient pipe replacement depends on top-quality pipe pullers for sale at TRIC Tools.

X30 System

As a part of our most reliable and durable X-Series, the X30 is a refined and high-powered puller, designed to perform with minimal maintenance and a top item for bursting 6” pipes.

With an 85-pound puller weight, 80-pound 10” pulley base and a 50-pound 24” resistance plate, the X30 demonstrates a 29.5-ton pulling force at 6,000 psi with a 9.82-square-inch piston. It also has a max 8 GPM hydraulic flow rate and pulls a ¾” swaged cable.

V24 System

V24 System

This piece of pipe pulling equipment is a simplified version of the original TRIC Tools industry-changing version from 1997. The economical and fast V24 is an inline puller that dispenses with the standard pulley-wheel configuration. The high-flow, low-pressure unit runs as an auxiliary machine for such hydraulic equipment as an excavator or from our new Hi-Flow hydraulic pumps.

The 230-pound V24 puller, with a 50-pound 24” resistance plate, has a 24-ton pulling force at 2,500 psi with a 19.24-square-inch piston area. It works between a 5GPM and 20GPM flow rate and pulls a max ¾” swaged cable.

M100 System

M100 System

The M100 is a prime example of the TRIC Tools formula for a small-footprint, high-power pipe puller machine. It works in areas with low accessibility and tough terrain and bursts 8” to 12” municipal-level pipes, utility lines, and drains. It can be powered with field equipment or our Hi-Flow portable pumps.

The M100 has a 98-ton pulling force at 5,000 psi with a 39.27-square-inch piston area. It has a 10GPM to 30GPM hydraulic flow rate and pulls 1”, 1.125” and 1.25” swaged cable. The M100 puller weighs 380 pounds, with a 525-pound 15” pulley base and a 500-pound 36” by 1.5” steel resistance plate.

M50 System

M50 System

The TRIC M50 is built for municipal contractors on the clock. It exhibits the TRIC Tools compact size and power for setting up by hand in tight workspaces while being capable of bursting 8-inch mains. It operates from a backhoe or a Hi-Flow hydraulic pump.

The M50 pulls 48 tons at 5,000 psi with a 19.24-square-inch piston area. It has a max 20GPM flow rate and pulls a max 7/8” swaged cable. The M50 puller weighs 185 pounds, with a 95-pound 12” pulley base and a 50-pound 24” by 24” resistance plate or a 50-pound 20” by 24” resistance plate.

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With over 20 years of experience in the industry, TRIC Tools makes sure that every trenchless pipe puller and equipment are not just mere machines. They are a worthy investment in decades of industry innovation and field-testing, coupled with a commitment to continual product improvement.

We’ve burst and replaced millions of feet of HDPE pipe for service laterals alone, and most towns and cities nationwide have approved the TRIC Trenchless pipe replacement method. We are the trusted provider of trenchless pipe bursting equipment and accessories. With TRIC Tools, you play a part in the solution, so call us or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

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