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Our 4-inch TRIC-Lock Pipe Bursting Head

Sewer and Drain Cleanin in Greater Seattle Area
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At TRIC Tools, we're proud to offer a full selection of residential and commercial plumbing and excavation equipment to serve your business's needs. Our four-inch TRIC-lock pipe bursting head is custom-made in the USA. Engineered by our in-house team, it offers durability and strength in tough field conditions. 

As your trusted supplier of trenchless pipe bursting equipment, let us highlight the biggest features that this tool can provide contractors.

Easy Setup

The TRIC-lock four-inch pipe bursting head fits onto the four-inch SDR17 pipe. There's no need for a PE cap or fuse. Thanks to the head's hinged assembly where it attaches to the shackle pin, it can fit through tight spaces. The hinged head also facilitates maneuverability through narrow entry conditions during residential and commercial repairs.

Compatibility With Different Cables

You won't have to purchase a special cable to use this four-inch TRIC-lock pipe bursting head. It works with 3/4-inch and 5/8-inch cables. The head pairs with an open shackle for fast cable attachment. Only one person is needed to set it up, which speeds up your repair project.

Range of Applications

When you invest in our TRIC-lock four-inch pipe bursting heads, you can use them for multiple applications. This means you get a great return on your investment. Use this pipe bursting head for speedily repairing and cleaning household and commercial drains and sewers.

Our TRIC-lock four-inch pipe bursting head is designed for residential and commercial pipe cleaning, repair, and replacement services. With these field-tested pipe bursting heads, you'll get more done in less time. At TRIC Tools, we're the trusted providers of top-notch trenchless pipe bursting equipment. For more information, get in touch with our skilled technicians today. You may also fill out the online form for all inquiries.

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