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Reasons Digging Is No Longer the Best Option

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At TRIC Tools, we are the trusted provider of trenchless pipe bursting equipment and accessories. As a family-owned and -operated business for more than 20 years, we only offer reliable and durable equipment. When your business provides water and sewer pipe repair and replacement services, a trenchless approach is almost always the best option. 

Consider these reasons why digging is no longer the best method for pipeline repair and replacement services:

Risk of Damaging Underground Lines

When digging, there's always a risk of damaging underground lines. You could even end up damaging a building's foundation. This risk is minimized with trenchless solutions that use our trenchless pipe pullers for sale.

More Potential for Injuries

Digging a long, deep trench puts your employees at risk of injuries. In contrast, trenchless repairs only require one access point.

Longer Project Timeline

Digging the whole length of a damaged or broken pipe can take hours. Just getting the heavy equipment to the site can be time-consuming. By avoiding a large-scale excavation of a damaged pipe thanks to trenchless pipe repair equipment, you can move on to the next project as soon as possible.

Aesthetic Problems

Home and business owners work hard to maintain an aesthetically appealing property. Digging to repair or replace a water or sewer line wreaks havoc on lawns, flower beds, and gardens. If there's a driveway or sidewalk in the way, having to remove and replace it is costly.

Digging up a broken pipe is time-consuming, messy, and risky. It's no longer the best option for most repair and relining projects. We have the highest quality standards in the trenchless equipment industry. To learn more about our pipe bursting equipment for sale, contact us at TRIC Tools today.

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