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Steel Cables: What You Should Know

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Trenchless pipe rehabilitation allows you to quickly attend to your clients' plumbing repair needs. While bursting heads and pulling units get most of the attention, the steel cable is just as important an element in the trenchless pipe repair process.

Here are some facts you should know about steel cables when purchasing trenchless technologies accessories for your plumbing business.


Our 3/8-inch steel cable works for many applications in trenchless pipe rehabilitation as well as other plumbing and contracting services. Use this cable with our four-inch bursting heads, or keep an extra reel of it on hand in case your puller's existing cable snaps. It's also useful for running a line from the mole on the new pipe through the original pipe to the pulling unit. We engineered this cable to be a perfect match for our other trenchless repair accessories, including our duct rodders and 10K gauges.


Pulling units and bursting heads create a great deal of vibration. Steel cable can easily withstand the resulting motion. Whether you're driving the bursting head at a fast or slow rate of speed, you can trust our steel cable to stay connected.


When performing a trenchless pipe repair, the bursting head requires a lot of torque. Steel cable handles these forces with ease. You can trust the 3/8-inch steel cable to withstand difficult field conditions, too. The heat from the pulling unit and bursting head won't contort or bend the cable. Our steel cables resist impacts from any debris.

It's easy to overlook steel cable when you're gathering equipment and accessories for trenchless pipe rehabilitation. However, you won't be able to complete any trenchless plumbing service without this critical product. To learn more about our 3/8-inch steel cable and pipe bursting accessories, contact us at TRIC Tools any time.

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