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How Essential Are Trenchless Pipe Bursting Accessories?

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When you first started offering trenchless pipe rehabilitation services, you likely invested in essential equipment, such as hydraulic pumps and puller heads. These products are critical to trenchless rehabilitation. However, it's also important to choose some helpful accessories to complement your trenchless pipe repair equipment. Here are some of TRIC Tools' most popular accessories for your consideration.

Steel Cable

Easily connect the mole on the replacement pipe to the puller with our steel cable. It's designed to withstand plenty of friction, heat, and vibration. Measuring 3/8-inches in diameter, this cable is also handy in case of an unforeseen issue with other equipment or an extended length of pipe that requires repairs.

Swaged Cable

Pair our swaged cable with the trenchless pipe pullers for sale. This compact cable pairs well with our compact pulling machines, such as the X30. Connect it to the standard and locking 4- and 6-inch bursting heads for improved efficiency.

Duct Rodders

Keep your cable neat and ready to use with our duct rodders. They accommodate both swaged cable and steel cable. We recommend keeping two rodders ready to go with extra lengths of cable so that you don't have to stop for long if your cable frays.

10k Gauge

Along with our pipe bursting equipment for sale, you'll benefit from our 10k gauges. They're accurate and easy to read. The seal prevents debris and moisture from interfering with the gauge's performance, reliability, or longevity. Use this gauge to enhance your quality control processes.

The right trenchless pipe bursting equipment and accessories boost your productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Your crew will have an easier time in the field, and your customers will enjoy the faster rate of project completion. For product specifications or additional details about our accessories for pipe bursting systems, contact us at TRIC Tools today.

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