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The Role of Bursting Heads

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Attached to a horizontal drilling rig, pipe bursting heads like the ones available from TRIC Tools have blades primarily designed to break up underground pipes. Here's a closer look at the specific role of bursting heads and why they are important for minimally disruptive pipe replacement projects.

Preparing for New Pipe Installation

Pipe bursting heads are used as part of a trenchless process known as pipe bursting. The main role of bursting heads is to shatter and break apart the old, damaged, or collapsed pipe. This is the integral part of the pipe bursting process – and it needs to be done correctly to ensure that a new pipe can be installed in an existing space.

Fitting Fully into the Pipe

Another role of bursting heads is to securely and properly fit into the affected pipe being replaced. If a proper fit isn't achieved, the pipe won't be broken up correctly. This is why it's essential to have a bursting head that's correctly sized for the target pipe. Four, six, and eight inch-diameter bursting heads are commonly used for pipe bursting.

Minimizing the Environmental Impact

The pipe bursting process is only going to be efficient and smooth if a reliable and properly sized bursting head is used. A thorough breaking apart of the old or damaged pipe also minimizes the environmental impact of replacing a pipe by breaking up the pipe in a way that doesn't leave big pieces of materials behind.

Get What You Need Today

TRIC Tools offers trenchless pipe piercing equipment and pipe bursting heads ideal for many different pipe widths and projects. Regardless of what has you coming to us, count on fair, honest prices and a wide range of reliable product options.

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