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The Role of Pipe Fusion

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Pipe fusion has grown in popularity over the years in the industry, but many outside of it are even aware of its significance. To get a better understanding of the role that pipe fusion plays in plumbing, TRIC Tools discusses more about it.

What is Pipe Fusion?

In a nutshell, pipe fusion is the utilization of heat to joining together two pipes or to connect plumbing paraphernalia such as valves and fittings. It's also known by names like heat welding, butt welding, heat fusion and simply, fusing. Whatever name it goes by, the process is the same, however, the pipe fusion equipment used may vary.

How Does Pipe Fusion Work?

Most commonly used with poly material or plastic, pipe fusion works by utilizing fusion machine equipment to heat the material to its melting point and then joining it to another piece of the same material.

Once the fusion welding machine heats a piece made from plastic or poly materials to a certain temperature, it melts in such a way that it can be coupled with something made from the same material. When the material cools, the newly joined piece is as strong as if it were made from a single piece of material.

What Are the Benefits of Pipe Fusion?

When done correctly, materials joined through fusing essentially become one single piece. The molecular process that takes place creates a bond that is stronger than any mechanical connection can be. Thus, pipe fusion creates connections that are less likely to leak or otherwise break down. It sounds simple and with the right professional-grade pipe fusion equipment, it is.

By utilizing quality equipment from TRIC Tools, successful pipe fusion is even more possible. Our goal is to provide top-notch pipe fusion equipment for businesses and homes. Contact us or fill out the online form to learn more about the products we offer or to buy online.

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