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The TRIC-Lock Standard 8-inch

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When you perform a lot of trenchless pipe repair and replacement services for commercial and municipal customers, you need the right pipe bursting heads for the job. Our TRIC-Lock standard eight-inch bursting head is a workhorse for these types of repairs. At TRIC Tools, we've precision-engineered these bursting heads with information from experts in the field, just like you. Read on to learn about its features, specifications, and range of uses.


The TRIC-Lock standard eight-inch bursting head can be used with pulls with a 0.875-i, 1-, 1.125- or 1.25-inch swaged cable. It pairs with our 2- by 4.5-inch TPI stud termination. Its narrow nose is just three inches in diameter. This allows it to push through collapsed or clogged areas of pipe and push the debris away with ease.


The head driver doubles as the PE driver, which saves you time in the field. On the nose, three staggered and removable blades make quick work of concrete, collapsed clay tile, cast iron, rock, and other tough obstacles that need to be pushed out of the way. These heads allow an HDPE pipe to be towed at the same time as the old pipe is removed.

Benefits and Range of Applications

The TRIC-Lock standard eight-inch bursting head is specially engineered for commercial and municipal trenchless rehabilitation projects. Use it to clear debris, burst old pipes and install new pipes. It's a cost-effective way to replace a damaged line in a minimal amount of time.

Our trenchless pipe piercing equipment makes quick work of removing large damaged pipes and pulling new ones into place. You'll love their ease of use, longevity, durability, and strength. 

For more information or to place an order for the TRIC-Lock standard eight-inch bursting heads, contact TRIC Tools right away. We look forward to hearing from you.

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