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Understanding The Role That Pipe Pulling Equipment Plays

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Removing an old pipe and replacing it with a new one is an extensive undertaking for any residential, commercial or municipal property. Pipe pulling equipment is designed to minimize the amount of time, excavation, and labor this process takes. At TRIC Tools, we're proud to offer cost-effective pipe pullers that you can count on to provide excellent service to all of your clients.

Pipe Bursting

A trenchless pipe puller performs two important functions, and pipe bursting is one. When a bursting head is installed on the puller's motor, it removes and pushes away the old, deteriorated pipe. This means that your crew doesn't have to bring in heavy excavation equipment to dig up the entire length of pipe. The pulling unit does this with just one or two access points. It's the backbone of trenchless repairs. Choose the X30 system for residential bursting and the M100 or M50 for commercial pipe bursting needs.

Pipe Towing

The second critical function performed by our reliable pipe puller machine is towing the new pipe. The strong pulling unit and the tough motor are able to do this at the same time as bursting the old pipe and clearing away the debris. The pipe replacement heads are engineered in a way that makes it easy for a small crew to attach the replacement pipe. Again, there's no need for excavation in order to lay the new length of pipe. The pipe towing speed of our pulling systems allows you to replace long lateral pipes in less than one hour.

Trenchless pipe pulling units allow you to extract and replace damaged, leaking, and separated pipes. These high-powered units offer flexibility, durability, and a high level of safety in the field. To learn more about our pipe pullers for sale, reach out to TRIC Tools today.

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