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What Are Duct Rodders?

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Trenchless technologies have made jobs like pipe lining and pipe bursting much easier. But there are still hurdles to be crossed, even with the latest and greatest high-tech tools. One major hurdle is the question of how to get a puller cable from one end of a pipe to the other end without digging. At TRIC Tools, we have the answer in the form of trenchless technologies accessories such as a duct rodder.

A duct rodder is used to string cable through an existing pipe to the puller in preparation for the introduction of pipe bursting equipment. Whether you're pulling our 3/4" swaged cable or our 3/8" steel cable, the duct rodder takes the worry out of getting the cable in place correctly the first time.

Using a duct rodder is a fairly straightforward process. Your cable is attached to the duct rodder with specialized connectors and other pipe bursting accessories. The rod is then guided into the pipe and fed through the length of the pipe. At the other end, the cable is disconnected from the duct rodder and the rodder retracted, leaving your cable free for pipe bursting equipment to be attached.

Combined with other TRIC Tools pipe bursting accessories, our duct rodder will save time and hassle. No more feeding cable by hand, no more struggling with mysterious hang-ups and interference inside the pipe where they can't be seen. With our trenchless technologies accessories, you can be set up and ready to begin pipe bursting in less time, which saves your customers stress and money.

For more information on the TRIC Tools duct puller and our full line of trenchless technologies accessories, give us a call today. We are proud to offer products that have been specifically designed and manufactured to make your project run easier and faster with a minimum of complications.

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