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What Is a Swaged Cable?

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A swaged cable is one of the most useful pieces of equipment for use with pipe bursting equipment, pulling units, and bursting heads. TRIC Tools provides ¾’ compact swaged cables and other pipe bursting accessories for professional trenchless pipe installation. A swaged cable is something that you should have around for any unforeseen operations or pipe replacements that may become necessary during the installation.

The Process

Swaging is a process in forging and metalworking in which the dimensions of the item are altered by passing them through a die. This term is also applied to a method for attaching special fittings or sleeves onto the end of a cable. The fitting is deformed so that it is permanently attached to the cable and will not come off during use. This can be accomplished by hot-working, cold-working, or crimping.

Proper Use

Swaging a cable can take several different forms. You can swage it to reduce its diameter so that it fits securely into another fitting or sleeve, or a special reducing sleeve. The sleeve can be metal, rubber, or plastic. This process compacts the cable and gives it extra strength on the swaged end. At times, swaging is done so that the cable will not unravel.

Swaging can also be used to attach special fittings, such as shank hooks, Spelter sockets, jaw ends, forks, and other specialty fittings securely to the end of the cable. Swaged cables are often created to work with certain equipment and meet the specific strength and size requirements of the job. Swaged cables are used for pushing and pulling pipes, linings, and fitting equipment.

Purchase One Now

TRIC Tools carries trenchless technologies accessories and swaged cables that are made to work with the X30, and many of our pipe bursting heads. We understand all the difficulties and serious delays that can occur due to broken, outdated, or worn-plumbing equipment. That is why we are a trusted equipment manufacturer of accessories such as the compact swaged cable we offer.

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