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What is Pipe Pulling?

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As a leading manufacturer of trenchless pipe and drain restoration equipment, TRIC Tools has leading-edge solutions for pipe replacement, pipe bursting, and pipe pulling. As a trenchless technique, pipe bursting completely replaces existing lines by using pipe pulling equipment. But how does pipe pulling work?

The Pipe Pulling Process

Pipe pulling is typical of the pipe bursting method, which breaks deteriorated pipes out of the way by pulling through a pipe bursting head and making room for the replacement pipe.

Pipe pulling itself takes place with two access pits, one at either end of the line. Our skilled technicians thread a cable from the exit to the entry where the cable connects to the bursting head and replacement pipe. At the exit pit, our compact, powerful and easy-to-use pipe puller machine, represented by the X30, M100, and M50, pulls the cable, bursting head, and new pipe through to complete a replacement.

Benefits of Trenchless Restoration

Where conventional pipe and drain-system restoration typically depended on full-scale excavation and physical replacement, trenchless methods, like pipe bursting, rely on a much smaller operation and repair and replace lines with efficient TRIC Tools equipment and a small team in otherwise difficult-to-access situations. The result is less mess, improved service capabilities, and reduced costs.

Contact an Experienced Provider Today

As twenty-year veteran providers of trenchless pipe puller equipment, we at TRIC Tools understand the importance of efficiency, costs, and machine reliability in maximizing earnings and providing consistently dependable client results.

Our pipe replacement techniques and pipe pullers for sale on our website have replaced thousands of feet of service laterals with HDPE pipe and earned the approval of most cities and towns across the country. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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