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Why Choose Our Duct Rodder

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Pipe bursting can be a messy, and labor-intensive experience in tough conditions. That is why contractors need the right equipment, tools, and supplies to make the job easier. At TRIC Tools, we make pipe bursting accessories that enhance productivity, safety, and speed. Our duct rodder is one of the key accessories you'll rely on for all of your municipal, commercial and residential projects.

Flexibility for Multiple Cable Types

Our duct rodder can be used for stringing any type of cable that you will use with your pulling and bursting units. Pair it with our 3/4-inch swaged cable or our 3/8-inch steel cable. The duct rodder is easy to carry to the worksite, and it stands on its own. The twin legs and a convenient carrying handle facilitate transporting the duct rodder to exactly where you need it.

Save Time in the Field

When performing trenchless pipe rehabilitation, time is everything for contractors. It is important to minimize disruptions for your clients. By spooling the cable onto the duct rodder in advance, you will save time in the field and get the work done faster.

Prepare for Everything

The last thing you will want to deal with in the field while in the middle of a pipe bursting project is a broken cable. You also do not want the hassle of insufficient cable for the job. You can add one of our duct rodders or basically any of our trenchless technologies accessories to your pipe bursting system and keep an extra in your utility fleet for emergency situations.

Our duct rodder deploys as much traditional or swaged cable as you need for your pipe pulling and bursting systems. We recommend having one attached to your equipment and an extra waiting in the wings just in case you need it. To learn more about our reliable trenchless technologies accessories, reach out to TRIC Tools today.

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