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Can Pipe Bursting Repair Your Frozen Pipes?

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Pipe bursting is one of the more recent technologies introduced for pipe repair. This fascinating new technique lets plumbing companies repair and replace pipes that run underneath your property without digging any trenches. At TRIC Tools, we've been using trenchless pipe piercing equipment to repair frozen pipes for years. We discuss more below:

No-Dig Technology With Pulling Units

To fix a frozen pipe or one with roots growing in it, plumbing companies take a pulling unit with pipe bursting heads and drive these through the old pipe. The old pipe breaks apart and is pushed aside, while the replacement pipe is simultaneously pulled through. No trenches need to be dug, and this repair/replacement job can be done in a few hours. When we select a pulling unit to repair your frozen pipes, we select them according to the job size. Here are some options:

  • X30 System
  • M100 System
  • M50 System
  • Hydraulic Pumps

When we use pipe bursting technology, it's important to combine it with a powerful lateral bursting unit. This is what the hydraulic pump is for. It speeds up the work, so the stronger the hydraulic pump, the better. Some excellent options include our Hi-Flow 14 and the Hi-Flow 36.

How do Pipe Bursting Heads Work?

The bursting head is a cone-shaped head placed on the top of the replacement pipe that’s used to break the existing pipe as it travels through its interior. The hydraulic pump is what powers the bursting head through the frozen pipe. Bursting heads differ in size, such as 4 inches, 6 inches or 8 inches.

The Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Bursting

There are several advantages to using pipe bursting technology to repair frozen pipes. For one, it is more efficient, since the repair happens simultaneously. There is also no need to dig trenches, lowering labor expenses and the overall cost of the repair. 

To find out how we can repair your frozen pipes using trenchless pipe bursting technology, contact TRIC Tools today. We offer a selection of pipe bursting equipment that you can rely on for quality plumbing solutions.

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