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Questions Commonly Asked About Pipe Bursting

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Trenchless rehabilitation methods are an ideal solution when clients have old, damaged, or leaking pipes. It is cost-effective, fast, and minimally intrusive. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about pipe bursting. Knowing the answers to them will help you provide excellent service with TRIC Tools' trenchless pipe repair equipment.

How Long Does a Pipe Bursting Repair Take and How Long Will It Last?

Customers are right to ask how long a pipe bursting repair will take. The disruption of water and sewer service is more than an inconvenience; it's also a safety and health issue. By availing of our pipe bursting equipment for sale, you can complete a pipe bursting job in a day, even on a large property with a big lateral line. A properly performed pipe bursting repair lasts for decades. The newly installed pipe and liner deliver a full lifetime of problem-free service.

What Are the Environmental Impacts of Pipe Bursting and Will It Damage Landscaping?

Your clients may also want to know if a pipe bursting repair will damage their landscaping or immediate environment. Pipe bursting doesn’t require extensive excavation. It only involves making one or two small access pits; there will be minimal to no damage to their landscaping. Pipe bursting with our trenchless pipe pullers for sale doesn't release any gases or effluent into the groundwater, soil, or air. It has no significant impact on the property or environment.

A well-informed client can make sound decisions. By providing them clear, accurate, and concise information, you effectively build loyalty and trust. Using the best trenchless pipe bursting equipment and accessories helps ensure a lasting result. 

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