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The Basic Trenchless Pipe Bursting Accessories

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Pipe bursting offers an efficient way to replace old underground pipes with modern HDPE pipes. TRIC Tools offers a comprehensive collection of trenchless pipe bursting equipment and accessories to suit your needs. Let's look at the basic trenchless pipe bursting accessories you'll need.

3/8" Steel Cable

Steel cable is an essential component, attaching the bursting head to the puller on the other end. Having extra steel cable on hand means that you don't have to halt operations in the middle of a job. You can make a quick replacement and get on with the work.

3/4" Compact Swaged Cable

Bursting pipe isn't an easy job. It can be rough on your equipment and on your accessories.

Compact swag cable offers a strong, reliable connection for your compact pipe pullers. Swaging adds an extra layer of strength, allowing the entire assembly to exceed the breaking strength of the cable itself.

Our 3/4" compact swaged cable works with several types of trenchless pipe repair equipment.

Duct Rodder

One of the first steps in bursting pipe is to get the cable through the existing pipe. That cable connects the puller to the bursting head. This job's made easier with the help of a duct rodder.

The duct rodder offers excellent tensile strength as well as flexibility. This combination of traits makes it easy to thread through almost any pipe. Then, you attach the cable to the end of the rodder and start pulling it out. This feeds the cable through the pipe with ease.

It's an essential accessory that makes the entire job go faster and with less frustration. After looking for trenchless pipe pullers for sale, make sure to add one of these to your tool kit.

If you are looking for pipe bursting equipment for sale, contact TRIC Tools today.

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