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The Differences Between Hi-Flow 14 and Hi-Flow 36

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At TRIC Tools, a leading manufacturer of hydraulic pumps for pipe bursting equipment, we know that making a business investment involves many issues and questions, foremost among them being quality and economy. Understanding the right hydraulic pumps for pipe bursting equipment is also an important factor.

Industrial Application

Based on our years of field testing with power packs, we’ve developed the best hydraulic pumps for use with trenchless technologies. Which power pack to use depends on the focus of work. Our Hi-Flow 14 hydraulic pump is optimized for residential work. The larger Hi-Flow 36 is geared for fast work in municipal jobs.

Hi-Flow 14 Hydraulic Pump

Geared for residential pipe bursting, the Hi-Flow 14 is ideally paired with our TRIC X30 puller, providing as much as four times the speed of earlier power-pack generations.

  • Variable speed and displacement pump
  • 8 to 2-GPM at max 6,000 PSI
  • 10-gallon reservoir
  • 1.9-gallon fuel tank
  • 14HP Kohler engine
  • 32”x32”x32” dimensions
  • 385 pounds wet gross weight

Hi-Flow 36 Hydraulic Pump

Designed for high speed in municipal jobs where time is at a premium, the Hi-Flow 36 is an optimal match for our TRIC M-Series pipe bursting systems and pullers. While M-Series equipment will operate from auxiliary ports and field equipment, it operates at top capacity from the Hi-Flow 36. It's the first choice among contractors for portability and high-volume-power 

  • Two-stage pump
  • 20 GPM at max 2,500 PSI and 10 GPM at 2,500 to 5,000 PSI
  • 35-gallon reservoir
  • 6-gallon fuel tank
  • 36-HP Kohler V-twin engine
  • 114”x68”x55” dimensions
  • 1,200 pounds wet gross weight

An Innovator Committed to the Industry

TRIC Tools has more than 20 years of industry experience as a manufacturer of pumps for pipe bursting systems. We provide trenchless equipment and accessories for utilities, contractors, municipalities and wastewater, natural gas, and potable water industries. Our systems have replaced millions of feet of pipe in cities and towns nationwide. Call us or fill out the form to purchase online.

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