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The Different Equipment Essential for All Kinds of Trenchless Repair

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If you operate a plumbing company, having the right tools and equipment can help make your job easier. TRIC Tools offers quality trenchless pipe bursting equipment and accessories to help you provide consistent and flawless plumbing services. Read on to learn about the different types of equipment that are essential for all kinds of trenchless repairs.

Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic pumps are used in the pipe bursting process of trenchless repairs. We have powerful hydraulic pumps that will push their way through any size or age of old sewer pipe. Our pipe bursting equipment for sale easily pushes through thick, heavy clay soil as well as slippery sandy soil.

Pulling Units

When performing trenchless repairs, you need a strong and reliable pulling unit. We have trenchless pipe pullers for sale that are of highly durable and of excellent quality. These devices push through old, collapsed sewer pipes, sewer lines that are filled with mineral deposits and tree roots and offsets that affect their path.

Pipe Liners

Trenchless repairs require a durable pipe liner. We have flexible options that accommodate 45-degree to 90-degree bends in the sewer line. They are available in 3- to 12-inch diameters to suit different sewer pipes.

Water Line Slitters

In order to do a trenchless water line repair, the old line has to be moved out of the way. Our water line slitters get the job done with a minimum of fuss and in a short amount of time. We offer water line slitters with durable cables that insert the new line as they remove the old one, helping you save time and money.

TRIC Tools is the trusted provider of quality trenchless pipe repair equipment. To learn more about the different trenchless equipment we offer and how you can use these in your repairs, contact us today.

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