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The Story Behind Hi-Flow 14

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Craftsmanship in the TRIC Tools family covers three generations, during which we’ve consistently developed and produced durable and powerful trenchless-oriented equipment, including pumps for pipe bursting systems, at a reasonable cost. In fact, TRIC introduced the first-ever working trenchless pipe-bursting equipment in the US, revolutionizing the industry and dramatically reducing the costs, time and disruption involved in traditional excavation repair.

Pipe bursting works by breaking up an existing pipeline underground and drawing through a replacement line. The process involves high-pressures and a well-matched, high-flow, high-torque power source to handle the considerable resistance involved.

While manual and pneumatic pumps will work, we at TRIC Tools recommend hydraulic pumps for pipe bursting equipment to get optimum power, efficiency and durability. In effect, a hydraulic pump converts mechanical energy into fluid energy or flow. Knowing which pump to use depends on the type of work and involves such factors as:

  • Hydraulic Flow
  • Pulling Force
  • Size of Cable
  • Puller Rate
  • Piston Area

In addition, the power source needs to work well with the pulling equipment. For residential work, we recommend our Hi-Flow 14 in tandem with our X-30 puller to maximize performance and increase speed by up to four times compared to earlier power-source generations.

The TRIC HI-Flow 14

This is state-of-the-art in the industry, and when matched with the X-30 puller, it's ideal for pipe diameters up to six inches.

The Hi-Flow 14 is the product of our decades of experience as an industry manufacturer and a provider and years of field testing in later-bursting situations. The pump is a part of our latest generation of machines, in this case, geared for residential and lateral work.

Specifications include:

  • Variable displacement and speed
  • 8 to 2 GPM at a 0-to-6,000-PSI maximum
  • 10-gallon fluid reservoir
  • 1.9-gallon fuel
  • 14-HP Kohler Pro engine
  • 385-pound wet-weight
  • 32”x32”x32” transportation dimensions
  • Electric start, pressure gauge, manual override for solenoid, twist-lock remote

A Product of Decades in the Field

TRIC Tools has a history of invention and ground-breaking innovation. Our products, including the Hi-Flow 14, are solutions born of direct trial and application in the field.

In fact, TRIC Tools equipment is based on the work of a father and son team, Ward and Bob Carter, part of a line of innovators. Mitchell Carter, Bob’s father, was the inventor of the Coleman Stove and Garbage Grinder. Ward and Bob designed and tested the TRIC pipe-bursting prototype system before it was even a part of contractors’ terminology.

After receiving a UPC listing and approval by IAPMO for their trenchless replacement system, based on TRIC equipment, the duo effectively established the lateral pipe-bursting industry as a whole and made TRIC the industry gold standard.

TRIC's IAPMO 26-99 standard for PE-pipe trenchless laterals is recognized by most US cities. TRIC has both the method and device registered at the U.S. Patent Office and has patents and patents pending in seven nations worldwide.

Why Choose the Hi-Flow 14?

Both the TRIC Hi-Flow 14 and Hi-Flow 36 hydraulic pumps are not only essential equipment, they’re an investment in decades' worth of innovation and testing and in our ongoing commitment to developing the best hydraulic pumps for use with trenchless technologies.

At TRIC Tools, we continue to apply our industry-tested experience and technology to inventive systems and solutions for an evolving industry.

The Industry Standard

TRIC has more than two decades of experience in bursting and replacing millions of feet of sewer laterals. As industry leaders and shapers, providing pumps for pipe bursting systems, we’ve served municipalities, contractors, potable water, utilities and the natural gas and wastewater industries.

To get the job done right with efficiency, economy and accuracy, contact us today.

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