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Understanding Pipe Pulling

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After many decades of use, water and sewer pipes may collapse, corrode or clog with tree roots. Instead of excavating a client's property for the entire length of the pipe, trenchless technology facilitates a repair or replacement with minimal digging. Pipe pulling is a key method for these types of trenchless pipe rehabilitation projects. TRIC Tools is the leading manufacturer of high-quality pipe pullers for sale.

How Pipe Pulling Works

To pull a new pipe into place, your crew excavates two pits. One is for entry of the new pipe, and the other is for the exit of the old pipe. These pits are located at each end of the pipe's segment. The pipe pulling equipment starts at the exit and pulls the new pipe and old pipe at the same time. A strong chain with a cable connects to the new and old pipes, pulling them into the proper locations. Once the old pipe is out and the new pipe is installed, the process is complete.

Advantages of Pipe Pulling

Traditional excavation methods take a long time. This increases the disruption for your clients. Spending more time in the field is also costly for your business. The minimal excavation needs for pipe pulling also enhance safety. There's less work to do at the completion of the project. Water and sewer service can be restored to your customer as quickly as possible. A trenchless pipe puller works best on small-diameter pipes.

Pipe pulling is a cost-effective and efficient solution for the simultaneous removal of an old, damaged, or deteriorated pipe and the installation of a new pipe for water and sanitary sewer services. This process is popular for both residential and commercial pipe rehabilitation and replacement needs. To learn more about our pipe puller machine solutions, contact TRIC Tools today.

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