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At TRIC Tools, our goal is to offer you the highest quality pipe bursting and sewer repair equipment that you need to successfully grow your plumbing or contracting business. We know that effectively servicing your customers is imperative, and our team of industry experts is here to help you get the best equipment and tools in the industry.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the most common questions we hear from our customers. If you have questions about what TRIC Tools can offer you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What kind of equipment does TRIC Tools provide?

We offer a wide variety of plumbing equipment to companies across the world, including:

  • Pulling units. Our state-of-the-art pulling units can help you bust pipes without the hard, messy, timely inconveniences of the past. Our new and patented technology is designed to be durable, reliable, and low maintenance.

  • Hydraulic systems. Our hydraulic systems can help you burst tough urban sewers, lines, and drains with limited access in difficult ground conditions. The efficient systems are designed for easy set up and operation so you can complete your projects quickly, conveniently, and reliably.

  • Bursting heads. Our five custom sets of bursting heads can help you easily manipulate pipes and navigate tight spaces. The equipment is user friendly and does not require you to fuse your bursting head to any pipes.

  • Fusion equipment. Our three separate fusion equipment designs can help you complete small to large jobs and everything in between. The machines can apply centerline fusion force for maximum efficiency, navigate tight fitting spaces, and fuse a variety of materials.

  • Sewer and pipe repair accessories. Our four accessories include 10K gauge, ¾” compact swaged cable, 3/8” steel cable, and duct rodder.

TRIC Tools equipment and accessories are designed with your safety and efficiency in mind. Our high-quality equipment is built to last, save you time and money in the long run, and better your business.

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How do I choose the right system for my needs?

To select the best system to meet the particular needs of your business, you must consider:

  • The kind of work you do now, and what kind of work you’d like to offer in the future
  • The sizes and types of pipe materials you encounter
  • Who you want to work for
  • How you envision TRIC Tools fitting into your plans

We offer consultation services to help you analyze your needs and find the right system to grow your plumbing business.

Does TRIC Tools offer financing?

TRIC Tools sells directly to you. We do work with a preferred leasing specialist that really understands the needs and constraints of the plumbing industry, but we can also work with your bank or agency. Our goal is to make the sale as smooth and easy as possible to get your business growing and succeeding.

Will TRIC Tools ship my purchase to me?

Once your financing has cleared, we will pack and ship your system in our Alameda, California, facility. You select the date that works best for you and we’ll work directly with your preferred shippers to deliver your order.

How will I know how to use my new equipment?

We want your new equipment to help the productivity of your business, so we’re happy to provide hands-on training for you and your team. We can show you the best way to leverage your equipment’s power for maximum productivity, maintain your equipment for its optimum life, and use your equipment in a way that keeps you safe and efficient.

Where is TRIC Tools located?

While TRIC Tools is headquartered in Alameda, California, we do have distributers across the globe.

In the United States, we have distributors located in the Midwest (Missouri), the Pacific Northwest (Washington), and the Southeast (Florida). We also have two distributors located in Canada (Ontario and British Columbia).

Outside of North America, we have distributors in Russia, the Baltic Republic, Japan, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland, Brazil, the Philippines, Israeli/Pakistan, India, Malta, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and South and Latin America.

Regardless of where you are in the world, you can find access to TRIC Tools and our professional team of distributors. In addition to our distribution locations and our online presence, our professional team of experts is often at tradeshows and events to showcase our innovative technology and equipment.

What is the history of TRIC Tools?

The TRIC mission of providing the best equipment and information to empower the trenchless revolution began when we invented and marketed lateral pipe bursting in the 1990s. Prior to that, repairing and replacing home sewers required a lot of messy and disruptive digging.

With our establishment of the lateral bursting industry, the TRIC method became the gold standard for trenchless lateral repair across America as many cities approved the TRIC trenchless pipe replacement method.

Over time, we’ve applied our TRIC formula of tools that are simple, modular, compact, and adaptable to other utilities. Our formula has been used to service pipes of varying materials in commercial and municipal projects around the world.

What is the future of TRIC Tools?

We intend to expand our methods and machinery to continuously grow the trenchless industry. We will continue to focus on the mechanical, geographical, and political conditions related to sewer, water, and gas utilities and explore new ways to apply our technology toward industry challenges. TRIC Tools aims to build upon our success in trenchless sewer replacement and create inventive solutions for other problem utilities.

Which markets do you serve?

TRIC sells pipe bursting and sewer repair equipment to three markets:

  • Contractors. TRIC Tools pioneered the trenchless home sewer replacement industry. We’re here to help you stay ahead of your competition with our pipe bursting knowledge and tools.

  • Municipalities. TRIC Tools has the knowledge and experience to help you find the best solutions to replace your clients’ aging infrastructures.

  • Utility. TRIC Tools has the equipment you can use to replace aging conveyance systems, increase capacity, and keep your business profitable.

What can I apply your equipment to?

Wastewater. Sewer lateral pipe bursting was introduced to the underground utilities industry by TRIC Tools, and since that introduction, we’ve expanded our method to larger municipal sewers in all kinds of situations. Our wastewater applications can help you offer a quick and effective solution with as little disruption for your customers as possible.

Potable water. Our equipment is a top choice for effectively removing old water pipes and accommodating the sanitary needs of potable pressurized line replacement.

Natural gas transmission. Our equipment can help you ensure sound infrastructure and increased capacity as natural gas becomes a more significant option for future energy needs.

Why should my business invest in trenchless technology?

Saving money on pipe repair is good for your bottom line, and TRIC Tools trenchless technologies can offer you a modern way to repair broken pipes that are buried deep underground. Our pipe bursting equipment offers you a no-dig solution so you can effectively repair broken pipes in multiple locations. The equipment works in all types of pipe materials, in a wide range of pipe diameters, and in long stretches of pipe. Trenchless pipe bursting is a great option for many situations, including fixing incorrectly-sized pipes; failed pipes; at-risk structures; and undersized gas, water, or sewer lines.

Your customers will appreciate trenchless pipe bursting because it can fix their problems without the messy, expensive, and disruptive excavating required with traditional repair methods. Using TRIC Tools trenchless equipment and technology can help you grow your business and your customer satisfaction.

How does pipe bursting work?

A TRIC Tools bursting head can be pulled through an existing pipe to shatter the old pipe and force its fragments into the surrounding soil. The bursting device can then pull a new pipe into place as it moves along.

The process requires you to dig a small access hole, so no major excavation should be required. Trenchless pipe bursting is a great service to offer your customers, because it offers a fast and reliable solution that won’t disrupt their foundations, lawns, patios, landscaping, driveways, or other property features. Not only will your customers appreciate less mess, our pipe bursting equipment can help you replace pipes in an environmentally-safe, cost-effective, and successful manner.

How can I tell if I need a new pulling unit?

A pulling unit is essential to successful pipe bursting, so if your current pulling unit is aging or failing, it should be replaced immediately.

A properly-working pulling unit can burst through any piping material, help you replace broken or cracked pipes with new pipes, create 30 tons of lateral pulling force, incorporate a circular cutting saw, and be controlled by a 25-foot long remote control. Without a pulling unit, you’re business really can’t go on.

Although a pulling unit should serve you well for decades, there are several signs that you may need a new one:

  • The unit can’t pull the burst head through the broken or collapsed pipe
  • The unit isn’t powerful enough for your municipal, commercial, and industrial workload
  • The unit isn’t up-to-date with current technology

If you think that your pulling unit needs to be replaced, contact TRIC Tools. We have various unit designs to meet the needs of your jobs.

What tools will I need to start a new pipe repair business?

Technical industries like plumbing and pipe service do require an initial investment to set your budding business up with the right tools and equipment. We can offer you the trenchless equipment and expert advice you’ll need to successfully get your business up and running.

We can help you stock up on the equipment you’ll need to repair common pipe issues like cracks, clogs, and leaks. Some of this equipment includes:

  • Cable pulling units. These come in various sizes to accommodate all projects, from small to large.

  • Hydraulic power sources. These provide energy for any of your pumping needs.

  • Bursting heads. These enable pipe replacements by plowing through the pipes that need to be broken up and pulling a new pipe in their place.

  • Fusion equipment. These help you fuse older pipes with newly installed pipes, make old sections seamless with new sections, and seal any cracks or overlapping areas so they can offer leak-free performance.

If you’re interested in starting a new pipe repair business, contact TRIC Tools. Our seasoned industry experts can provide you with the best tools to help you deliver top-notch service.

Should I purchase my equipment online?

Buying equipment requires a huge investment of your time and money, but shopping online can offer several benefits to make the experience easier:

  • Greater comfort. Shopping online from your home or office can ease anxiety and keep you in close access to your company’s materials and references.

  • Slower pace. Shopping online takes away the frustration of working with a salesperson who can be pushy to make the sale. In that traditional face-to-face environment, you may feel pressured to make a decision without doing the proper research. When you shop online, you shop at your own pace; have time to look up makes, models, and reviews; and have the freedom to compare different sites.

  • Better inventory. Shopping online gives you access to larger inventories from a wide range of locations. This inventory diversity can help you find the best option to meet the needs and wants of your business.

TRIC Tools is an online company, so if you’re due for some new equipment, open your browser and explore our online inventory today.

Rely on the Innovation, Invention, and Vision of TRIC TOOLS

For these and any other questions you may have, contact our dedicated team of industry experts. With over 20 years of experience offering the best equipment and knowledge to our clients, we are highly committed to helping your business get the exact sewer repair and pipe bursting tools it needs to be successful and profitable well into the future. Our innovative and field-tested products, ongoing pledge to product improvement and customer satisfaction, and state-of-the-art solutions are here for you.

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