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About Pulling Units

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At TRIC Tools, we understand that pipe replacement is serious plumbing work. Traditional methods of excavation were inconvenient to the customer and required inconvenient digging. However, modern trenchless pipe replacement has made it easier for everyone involved. Pipe bursting is the minimally-invasive technique used to replace pipes without digging a trench on the property. Whether you are new to pipe bursting or simply upgrading your equipment, you will need a high-quality pulling unit to complete your pipe replacements efficiently.

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What is a Pulling Unit?

Pulling units are a vital part of your pipe bursting operation. During the procedure, a bursting head is driven through the existing pipe to break it apart and push it into the surrounding soil. As the bursting head is forced down the pipe, the pulling unit pulls the new length of pipe into place directly behind the bursting head. Choosing the Right Pulling Unit There are many factors to consider when purchasing a new pulling unit. First, you will want to consider the types of jobs you perform. Residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal jobs all have unique needs, and your equipment should reflect the size and power warranted by the projects you typically take on.

If you already perform pipe bursting, take into account your current equipment. How does it handle a typical job? Has it reached its life expectancy and performed well? If your current machine has not been performing up to your standards, you may need to evaluate your needs and consider a more powerful pulling unit.

Pricing Out Your Pulling Unit

There are many specifications that can change the total cost of the unit. You should evaluate the following factors against your needs and your budget before choosing a specific unit:

  • Pulling Force
  • Hydraulic Flow Rate
  • Cable Size
  • Piston Area
  • Puller Rate
  • Pulley Base
  • Resistance Plate Size & Weight Capacity

The price of your unit will be influenced by how tough your machine needs to be. However, cutting corners can compromise the quality and efficiency of your work. If you need a robust pulling unit, make sure you invest in the proper equipment from the start.

Where Should I Buy My Pulling Unit?

You may be tempted to find a used pulling unit online and piece together your equipment using private sellers or auction websites. Your savings will be completely wasted if your equipment doesn’t work well together or isn’t right for your line of work. TRIC Tools is your all-in-one resource for pulling units and other pipe bursting technology. We have a wide selection of products, and the helpful staff to assist you with finding the perfect unit.

TRIC Tools is Your Ideal Retailer for Pulling Units

Believe it or not, TRIC Tools invented the very first practical sewer pipe bursting system in America. We believe in the convenience and affordability of modern trenchless technologies. No-dig techniques have revolutionized the pipe replacement industry, drastically reducing the need for invasive excavations. Our goal is to help you bring quick and easy pipe repairs to your customers. Give us a call today and let us help you find the perfect pulling unit.

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