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About Bursting Heads

Sewer and Drain Cleanin in Greater Seattle Area
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With TRIC Tools, we are pleased to offer a wide variety of products and services relating to the industrial excavation and plumbing fields. Among this wide variety of products is our custom line of pipe bursting heads. These pipe bursting heads have their quality assured by our manufacturing technicians, whose products are all-American made. TRIC Tools has over thirty years combined experience in the sale and production of commercial plumbing and excavation products. When making choices concerning your business, we hope that you will consider TRIC Tools to fulfill your need for pipe bursting heads.

What is a Bursting Head?

A bursting head is one of the many industrial tools available for purchase at TRIC Tool’s website. These kinds of bursting heads are used for clearing debris and materials from the path of a sewer pipe or drain. The use of these heads allow for your employees to circumvent the typically expensive and obstructive excavation work needed for traditional plumbing work. In other cases, these bursting heads can be used to destroy parts of sewers or drains that are past the point of effective repair. Offering this service, in addition to those previously mentioned, will provide product diversity to your commercial plumbing operations.

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What are some of the reasons to purchase a bursting head?

When you run a commercial excavation or plumbing operation, acquiring the right tools for the jobs you will be presented with is critical to the success of your business. Being able to offer Nu-Flow technology through specialized bursting heads or simply being able to advertise a service that does not involve expensive excavation and obstruction of your customer’s lives will prove to have a positive effect on your relations with your customers.

Bursting Head Uses

The range of bursting heads can be used for the cleaning and repairing of commercial and residential sewers and drains. Certain bursting heads can be fitted to deploy Nu-Flow or Hydrojetting technology. In other circumstances, the bursting heads offered by TRIC Tools will enable your employees to remove damaged segments of pipe and replace them with new segments. Bursting heads are also used in the remote camera inspection of drains and sewers, clearing the way for the camera, making it free of sediment obstructions, rocks and invasive tree roots.

TRIC Tools understands that choosing the right product for your business can be a painstaking process, and we hope you make the right choice when doing so. Our staff, procedures and offerings are designed in order to remove the stress from these kinds of transactions. It is the firm belief of TRIC Tools that our products, all made in America, feature a level of quality that sets it above our competitors. We offer the widest range of plumbing and excavation products online, and aim to provide the best service of our kind in the country. When you think bursting heads, think TRIC Tools.

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