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X30 System - Compact and Powerful Pipe Pulling Equipment

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Pulling units are central to a successful pipe bursting project. The process works by driving a bursting head down a pipeline, breaking it up and making way for a replacement pipe. The power and size of the pipe pulling equipment you choose courtesy of TRIC Tools should reflect the respective needs of the jobs you take on, including commercial, residential, industrial, and municipal projects.

The X30 System

The refined and powerful X30 is well-suited to bursting pipes of up to six inches in diameter. It’s part of our most reliable and durable X-Series pipe pullers to date, requiring minimum maintenance while providing the maximum in performance.

With formidable power in a super-sleek package, the X30 is your tool of choice to burst pipes up to 6” in diameter.* New refinements make this generation of X-Series trenchless pipe pullers the most durable and reliable yet. Designed for minimum maintenance and maximum performance!

X30 2015 Back
X30 2014 Base System


  • Pulling force: 29.5 tons @ 6,000 psi
  • Piston area: 9.82 square inches
  • Hydraulic flow rate: Maximum 8 GPM
  • Cable size: Maximum ¾” swaged
  • Puller weight: 85 pounds
  • 10” pulley base: 80 pounds
  • 24” resistance plate: 50 pounds

Pipe materials, routes, and ground conditions vary greatly. Please consult TRIC technical support for the optimal use of your equipment. Specifications subject to change without notice.

Hydraulic Pump and Puller (Ram) Matrix

  • R= Recommended
  • RC = Recommended With Caution
  • * = pullers that may be powered by back hoes, loaders, and other field equipment

Power Source

The X30 pipe puller machine is recommended to pair with the Power Team 5.5, HP and 13HP, and the TRIC Hi-Flow 13 hydraulic power pumps. The X30 will also run from field equipment, including loaders and backhoes.

A Trenchless Equipment Provider

TRIC Tools, the trusted trenchless and pipe bursting equipment manufacturer, knows how critical having reliable and capable equipment is to efficient sewer-system and pipeline job completion. We’ve burst and replaced millions of feet of HDPE pipe for service laterals alone, and most towns and cities nationwide have approved the TRIC Trenchless pipe replacement method.

Drawing on over 20 years of experience in the industry and family craftsmanship, we build durable, powerful, and cost-effective pipe pulling equipment. We are the leading provider of trenchless pipe bursting equipment and accessories. Call us or fill out the online form to learn more about the x30 or our other pipe pullers for sale here at TRIC Tools.

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