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TRIC Tools Inc. is a company born of invention. That invention started not only a corporation, but an entire industry that continues to grow to this day. In 1996, when company founder Ward Carter was foreman with an underground construction firm near San Francisco, the term “lateral pipe bursting” was not yet a part of any contractor’s vocabulary. Repair or replacement of a home sewer meant digging it up, in whole or in part, with results that were messy, disruptive, and often incomplete. Then Ward assembled and tested the prototype of what was to become the TRIC lateral pipe bursting system. His father, engineer Robert (Bob) Carter, made drawings and applied the principles of manufacturing that turned the idea into a product. This whole process was not new to the Carters. Bob's father, Mitchell Carter, invented the Coleman Stove, the Garbage Grinder, and Foam Rubber. Innovation just runs in the family.

Next, TRIC pursued patents at home and abroad, and campaigned relentlessly for approval of HDPE plastic pipe in residential building codes. These combined efforts established the lateral bursting industry, and set the TRIC method as the gold standard for trenchless lateral replacement across America. The TRIC formula­—tools that are simple, modular, compact, and adaptable—has since been applied to other utilities, including larger pipes of various materials, in commercial and municipal projects around the world.

So when you choose TRIC equipment, you’re getting more than just hardware. You are investing in decades of innovation and field-tested solutions, coupled with an ongoing commitment to product improvement and customer satisfaction.

TRIC has registered both device and method patents with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. TRIC also holds international patents for device and method in Canada, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, and New Zealand. Patent applications are pending in Japan and Norway.

Device and Method for Trenchless Replacement of Underground Pipe - October 23, 2001

Device and Method for Trenchless Replacement of Underground Pipe - February 25, 2003

Device and Method for Trenchless Replacement of Underground Pipe - September 21, 2004

TRIC received IAPMO approval and a UPC listing for trenchless underground pipeline replacement using TRIC equipment and methods at the IAPMO meeting on August 31, 1999. The new standard appeared in the January 2000 publication of the Uniform Plumbing Code. The Installation standard for Trenchless Polyethylene (PE) Pipe for Sewer Laterals is IAPMO 26-99. Most US cities have approved the TRIC Trenchless pipe replacement method.
Ward Carter
Bob Carter