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Sewer and Drain Cleanin in Greater Seattle Area
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  • 3,000,000 linear feet of pipe successfully replaced
  • 12,750,000 projects completed
  • 1,000,000 happy customers

The Numbers

It’s really difficult to place hard numbers on our work, both because they change every day, and because they’re just getting so large! But we’ll try to give you a snapshot of how TRIC Tools is changing lives for the better every day, for our customers and their customers.

Linear Feet Installed? We’ve burst and replaced millions of feet of HDPE pipe for service laterals alone. For example, if roughly 500 current users accomplish an average of one 50’ lateral a day for a year—say 250 days or 50 five-day weeks—that’s 6,250,000 feet of 4-inch SDR17 pipe…in just one year! Of course, we didn’t start with 500 customers, and not everyone completes a sewer a day; but now we know that some do two or three a day. Others do only two or three a month. We looked at cumulative historical footage completed since 1996 or 1997, for an average number to multiply by all the years the TRIC system has been in use. Even if we cut that number by two-thirds to be conservative, we average 2 million feet of laterals per year, giving us a cumulative average of 30,000,000 linear feet of laterals since year 2000. And that doesn’t include all the other non-lateral projects our customers have used our systems for, and the new applications they continue to pioneer every day. Any way you cut it, that’s a significant—and impressive—track record of success.

Projects completed? Including our domestic and international users, right down to local rentals, our current number of TRIC customers is over 600. Let’s eliminate a hundred of those off the top for whatever reason: if 500 users average one project a week for 50 weeks, that’s 25,000 projects per year. We’ll average 300 users over 17-plus years, doing just one project a week, again to be conservative. That gives us 255,000 total completed projects, on the low end. If those TRIC customers average three projects a week (which we think is closer to actual productivity records), that’s 765,000 projects. 300 customers doing one project a day for 17 years gives us 12,750,000 projects. These are averages, of course. We didn’t always have 500-600 users, and only a relative few of them do more than one project a day now. But even being conservative, again: these are big numbers!

Happy Customers: Because we work in sewer and water systems that serve hundreds and thousands of customers at a time, it’s really impossible to even estimate how many people have benefited from the work completed with TRIC Tools trenchless technology. There must be literally millions of people by now who work in the businesses and live in the homes and attend the institutions whose systems we’ve rehabilitated, to say nothing of all those whose lives weren’t interrupted by needless traffic delays and long sewer service outages prevented by our techniques. If we refer only to homeowners, and assume that each lateral serves an average household of three, then we triple the number of completed projects to reflect that. This means that on the conservative end, one million completed residential lateral projects would produce three million happy flushers. The purpose of this number? Just to impress upon potential users how much truly positive influence you could bring to all your projects, when you use TRIC Tools trenchless pipebursting technology instead of traditional dig-and-replace. Isn’t it time you explored what our numbers could do for your numbers?

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TRIC had discussed the new animation with Trenchless Marketing’s CEO Matt Benton over the past 6 months. TRIC has been working with Trenchless Marketing for the past 6 years for Site Engine Optization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. Matt is very dedicated to the industry. Matt said: “Trenchless Marketing has changed the game and completely disrupted the “business-as-usual” online marketing in an ever evolving industry that demands a deeper more committed relationship with its industry partners.”

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TRIC Tools Inc – V24 pipe busting pulling unit – Pumper & Cleaner Expo 2011

Affiliations & Awards

We’re aware that it’s our strategic partners as much as our in-house staff that make TRIC Tools Inc. the strong, growing company we are today. And it’s only through their commitment to the entire TRIC Tools mission as dedicated team members that we garner any kind of awards. We’re proud to display both here.

Strategic Partners

We proudly work with these quality strategic partners in the pipebursting field:

  • Nexstar Inc. – Little Canada, Minnesota

Annual Events

We’re happy to participate in the following annual events, many of which raise funds for deserving charitable organizations and worthwhile civic efforts:

  • Rescue Rooter/Proserv Customer Appreciation Day Golf Tournament – Anaheim, California

Awards & Recognition

  • Verified U.S. Exporter/Growth Contributor – Success in Exporting US products to Lithuania
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