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5 Considerations for Choosing Pipe Bursting

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Pipe Bursting Homeowners who encounter sewer, drain, and water line problems often dread repairs not just because of the expense, but the major disruptions that they expect. Excavation, torn up lawns, and days of going without water are associated with traditional methods of repair. Fortunately, technology has made it possible to assess and fix pipes with minimal disruption by using a technique called pipe bursting. It’s not only more efficient and faster, but there’s less disruption to your lawn and utilities as well. Before choosing pipe bursting the next time you need sewer line or pipe repair, here are some things to consider.

1. Costs

Pipe bursting typically costs less than traditional line and pipe repair for many reasons. Not only is less heavy equipment needed, but less technicians are required to tackle issues when pipe bursting is used. Part of the reason that regular methods are so expensive is the excavation needed to inspect and begin work. As long as your pipes aren’t laying under a body of water, railway, or other challenging environment, you can expect to spend significantly less by opting for pipe bursting.

2. Landscaping

Some homeowners aren’t very concerned about the appearance of their lawn, either because they live on a large parcel of land without nearby neighbors or aren’t under the restrictions of an HOA. However, those who have to meet HOA guidelines or who are located close to their neighbors often worry about how pipe and water line repairs will impact their property’s aesthetics. Pipe bursting doesn’t require much digging or the placement of large holes in your yard. Instead, a small opening will be made for the purpose of inspecting the area with a camera, and once your contractor is ready to begin repairs the entry underground will be kept to a minimum.

3. Efficiency

Traditional methods of pipe rehabilitation often result in homeowners having to go days and days without a properly functioning water or sewer system. If it’s of utmost importance that you be able to get back to your daily routine as quickly as possible, pipe bursting is the best type of repair to choose. This is especially the case for owners of commercial buildings and retail stores, as damaged lines can significantly impact a business.

4. Environmental Concerns

Hands down, pipe bursting is the more eco-friendly option when compared to older sewer line repair techniques. Pipe bursting doesn’t call for any toxins or chemicals to be placed into your system, and it’s also the least disruptive to the environment surrounding your property. In addition, the pipe used to replace the damaged line is usually made from an environmentally safe material, such as HDPE. These more resilient pipes don’t leach chemicals or contaminants into the water and ground. The pipes also last longer, which prevents future sewer line problems and leakage.

5. Long Term Solutions

Few commercial and residential property owners want to keep dealing with repairs every few years. Pipe bursting is a method that is reliable and cost-effective in the long run. The materials used to complete repairs are highly durable, and the process itself results in a long lasting solution that can hold up for decades.

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