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Advantages of Pipe Bursting for Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair

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Pipe Bursting There are many ways to repair a trenchless sewer pipe. Two common ways are pipe lining and pipe bursting. In this article, we will elaborate on pipe bursting and its advantages, but first, let us go through a brief summary of the two ways.

– Pipe lining: A resin is inserted and cured (hardened) in-place; in other words, there is a coat inside the old pipe for a second line of protection. The lining material is very solid and can serve as a cost-effective way of “replacing” the old pipe without actually displacing or altering it.

– Pipe bursting: A new pipe is installed where the old pipe is located. A “burst head” is used to burst or fragment the old pipe at the same time the new pipe insertion occurs.

Without dismissing the value of pipe lining and other techniques, here are the advantages of pipe bursting.

1 – No property damage: To replace a pipe, the traditional way is to dig up the whole length above the pipe in order to take it out, and put the new pipe in. Anything in its way has to be removed or broken and this can amount to a very high cost. Pipe bursting only requires a starting and ending point, and no other digging is necessary.

2 – Pipe enlargement: The burst head and new pipe can be larger than what is already underground. Enlarging the pipe can be great for better substance flow. In the case of tree root blockage, more roots are needed to block the pipe, and that leads to a longer pipe life. In fact, pipe bursting is the only way to enlarge without having to trench your property.

3 – Destroy obstructions: Tree root blockages are very common problems involved with pipes. The roots pierce through and obstruct sewage, water or gas flow as well as break the pipe. Pipe bursting does not only burst or break the old pipe, but also any obstacle in its way. It is the only technology that is capable of doing so without trenching.

4 – Quickness and simplicity: Pipe bursting is a very fast process that involves minimal physical exertion. One only needs to connect pipe parts and find two areas. The bursting and pipe installation processes are both done by a machine and no lengthy digging is necessary.

5 – Cost-effectiveness: It should be of no surprise that less digging equates with lower costs. Lawns do not have to be heavily remade, nor do cables for various services have to be relocated/damaged. Digging can also be costly to health and safety. It is a health hazard to dig and expose workers to potential chemicals. Also, the soil that is put back to fill up trenches may not be solid enough, and a poor job may lead to a collapsed and costly area.

For [trenchless sewer pipe repairs][1], pipe bursting is a top-notch and cost-effective method. One will at most replace or repair their sewer once, therefore why not make it as durable as possible? Make sure to consult an expert in the field to confirm that this technology is right for your needs. [1]: /

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