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Best Hydraulic Pumps Brands Ranked

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If you want to offer the best pipe bursting services to your customers, you need the right equipment to power the job. A hydraulic pump is a necessary tool for pipe bursting and your company should have the most powerful lateral bursting system available. Investing in the best hydraulic pump for your company will help you complete jobs in a timely manner and offer dependable power no matter the scope of work.

Here are the top five hydraulic pump brands that you should consider when choosing your new solution.

1 | TRIC Tools

California-based TRIC Tools is an innovative and leading expert in the trenchless pipe repair and replacement industry. The company specializes in what they refer to as the TRIC formula: simple, modular, compact, and adaptable, and the industry leaders showcase the formula in their line of hydraulic pumps. The TRIC Tools hydraulic pumps are designed for small residential projects or major municipality repairs. When you need to power your pipe bursting job, TRIC Tools has the hydraulic pump to fit your needs.

2 | Hammerhead Trenchless

Hammerhead Trenchless offers three models featuring 3.75 ton, 12 tons and 22 tons of pulling power to handle a wide range of jobs from 1 to 30 inches in diameter. Currently headquartered in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, the trenchless equipment company focuses on installation, repair and replacement of fiber, communication, water, sewer and gas underground infrastructure.

3 | Power Team

Hydraulic pumps from Power Team come in a wide range of sizes and power. Power Team is a product brand of SPX FLOW Inc., based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Model 5.5 - Hydraulic Pump is one of the most popular choices when more speed is needed for your lateral system.

4 | TT Technologies

TT Technologies is another strong option for hydraulic pumps. The brand’s products are designed for pulling CIPP liners, fold and form liners, conventional and specialty sliplining, CCTV, and cable through innerduct. TT Technologies’ Grundoburst system calls for less power than tradition pipe bursting, as the technology uses a static pipe bursting tool.

5 | Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions

Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions offers hydraulic power units for residential, commercial, municipalities, and utility applications. Choose from the mini power unit to the diesel power unit, based on the needs of your company.

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