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Cheapest Ways to Buy Pipe Bursting Equipment

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Homeowners, contractors and entities such as municipalities are always on the lookout to save money on pipe repair. Trenchless technology is the most modern method of rehabilitating broken pipes that are buried deep underground. If you’re looking to acquire more customers and want to keep abreast of the latest plumbing innovations, then it’s in your best interest to buy pipe bursting equipment to add to your portfolio of services.

Pipe bursting is a no-dig solution that can effectively replace broken pipes in multiple locations. It works on any and all types of pipe material, including steel, pitch fibre, concrete, cement, clay, and more. Trenchless technology can be applied to pipe diameters that range anywhere from 75mm to 300mm. In terms of length, pipe bursting can replace pipes as long as 100 meters in one go. This type of service is especially useful for fixing incorrectly-sized pipes, failed pipes, at-risk structures and undersized gas, water or sewer lines.

The no-dig feature of pipe bursting is appealing as it won’t cause as much disruption as traditional methods of pipe replacement. Utilities and municipalities can support saving local infrastructure by minimizing the damage done to the land. As the new pipe follows the original position of the old pipe, there’s little to no chance that it will hit up against utility lines or cause other buried pipes to fail.

Contractors can offer pipe bursting services as one of the best pipe replacement solutions in their respective market. But before that, you’ll need to know how and where to buy affordable pipe bursting equipment.

cheap pipe bursting equipment

1. Determine What You Need

At TRIC Tools, we recommend you consider what kind of equipment or tools you use on a day-to-day basis. You’ll need to buy the right kind of equipment that will give you the biggest return on investment in the shortest possible time.

In order to determine this, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who are your primary customers? Residential homes, business owners, or industrial factories?

  • What’s the dominant pipe line material and pipe size in your area? It can be CMP, steel, PVC, etc.

  • What kind of work will you specialize in? Think about the current and the future work services you’d like to include.

Here’s what you need to do if you decide to go with pipe bursting as a speciality:

Know Your Equipment

Currently, there are 2 types of pipe bursting machines, static and pneumatic. Static pipe bursting machines make use of high-tonnage static pull while pneumatic machines make use of a hammer combined with the application of constant tension.

In terms of application, static-type pipe bursting equipment can generally be used for all types of pipe replacement procedures while pneumatic technology may not be used for pipes that carry potable water. Pneumatic machines work faster but also need to use liquefied petroleum to run the whole thing, meaning gas can seep into the water and contaminate the line.

Pneumatic-types have a smaller dimension than static units, meaning contractors won’t have to dig as much in order to carry out the procedure. Pneumatic and static bursting machines come in a variety of sizes and can work on pipes that range anywhere from 4 to 24 inches or more in some cases. As a rule of thumb, the new pipe should always be similar-sized or bigger in diameter than the old line.

Types of Equipment You’ll Need

You will need five key pieces in the pipe bursting process - the pulling machine, pulling rods, expander head, retaining device, and a hydraulic power pack.

Expander heads, sometimes called bursting heads, will have different sizes and shapes, and which is best for you will ultimately depend on your service application. Its primary use is to break apart the old pipe and send the remaining fragments into the surrounding soil. In instances where you’ll need to upsize the pipe diameter, this equipment creates a sort of annular space to ensure that the larger pipe fits in seamlessly.

Front-leading expanders take charge and are usually placed at the forefront. Expanders used in static bursting machines will have the same function. When it comes to static pipe bursting, the expander head follows a pre-set bladed roller mechanism that splits the pipe even before the head comes in contact with the old pipe.

The tail end of the expander head is attached to the new pipe, and the front part of it is usually connected to the pulling rod or cable. Both the bursting head and the new pipe are inserted into an access point, with the pulling rod doing its work from the receiving point via a specialized pulling machine. A powerful force drives the bursting head forward, scattering the fragments of the old pipe via a hydraulic power pack or a pneumatic power. The expander head is then pulled through using the retaining device during the procedure, forming a temporary cavity that gets filled when the new pipe is pulled through the access point.

2. Research Expected Costs

Buying equipment online is often cheaper than buying it at a physical store. Online retailers or e-retail shops offer their products at a lower or discounted price because their overhead costs are inexpensive compared to a traditional store. Staff requirements are reduced and more cost-effective warehouses come into play.

What’s more, online stores are open 247 and provide unprecedented convenience for interested buyers or companies. You can even do some research to find which equipment brand is cheaper or which one has some special promotions you can take advantage of. You won’t have to spend on gas to acquire the equipment as arrangements can be made to deliver the product straight to your doorstep.

Plumbing supply stores offer a great deal of information if you’re just starting out in the pipe bursting business. Their products are understandably more expensive than an online storefront, but you get benefits such as specialized knowledge and expertise from individuals who know what they’re talking about.

Thinking of buying used equipment? If purchasing from a plumbing company, do a thorough inspection to ensure that the equipment is still in good working order. It’s worth noting that these units will be more likely heavily used. Independent sellers, on the other hand, offer lower prices because the units aren’t new, but there’s no regulation to speak of. You may be getting a bargain but there’s no guarantee that it won’t break down prematurely in the future.

TRIC Tools is a reliable online retail shop offering pipe bursting equipment at affordable prices, with financing options available. We are a preferred leasing company that has your best interests at heart. Financing solutions range from in-house to your own preferred agency or banking institution. Once approved, we pack and ship your ordered equipment at a date that’s to your utmost convenience.

3. Get Your Tools All in One Place

Finding a specific pipe bursting tool or piece of equipment can take a long time, especially if you’re looking at multiple sites and sellers, i.e., Craigslist, eBay, or any other private seller platform. The stress, amount of time needed and the energy expenditure can be overwhelming.

TRIC Tools is your go-to resource for pipe bursting technology.

We have a wide range of inventory and selections to ensure you’ll find what you’re looking for. Everything from entire pipe bursting machines to individual replacement parts can be bought on our website. For example, we have 8 different expanding heads in standard sizes - 2, 4 and 8 standards as well as the Articulating 6, TL 8 and TRIC Lock 4. We also have the X30 model pull equipment that can replace laterals that are anywhere between 4 to 6 sizes. Hydraulic pumps, fusion equipment and all accessories can be bought here as well.

Pipe bursting has many applications that extend to that of replacing sewer pipes. With the right tools and fittings, trenchless technology can be used to replace wastewater lines, potable water lines and natural gas lines. Each solution will require specialized knowledge and technical skills to get the job done.

Wastewater Lines

Laterals and sanitary sewer mains can get overwhelmed with rain water that should have traveled through drains and storm sewers. When this happens, municipalities will have to allocate millions in order to treat water that shouldn’t have passed at wastewater treatment facilities.

As of the moment, there are many sanitary sewer systems that are nearing their end of service life. Going for the dig-and-replace method is too costly, time-consuming, and inconvenient for everyone involved. Trenchless technology can rehabilitate deteriorating, aging, and broken pipes with less intrusion in far less time than it takes for conventional replacement methods. Other common applications include fixing pipes that have leaks or cracks and those that have been invaded by tree roots.

Potable Water Lines

Our drinking water infrastructures may need replacement if they exhibit signs such as exfiltration. There’s also the issue of a burgeoning population that finds the current diameter of their pipes inadequate. More and more municipalities are opting for trenchless replacement and rehabilitative solutions to maximize productivity and resources.

Trenchless technology foregoes the need to spend on excavation costs and the subsequent surface restoration needed to put it all back in order.

Natural Gas Transmission

The need for greater capacity drives the need to have a pipe replacement done. Like other utilities, gas mains and services have aged infrastructures that can break down at any time.

The gas industry is highly competitive, which means that a simple break can result in loss of profit and edge over other companies. At TRIC Tools, we offer economical and efficient solutions when it comes to replacing gas lines. Newer, better material means less instances of earth movement and corrosion.

4. Think Ahead

Trenchless technology is a procedure that’s made up of a number of steps. First, a camera inspection is carried out using advanced camera equipment and a flexible fiber optic line. Then, hydro jetting clears out the stuck debris and calcified matter inside the pipes. If the broken pipes are too damaged to be repaired then technicians can recommend pipe bursting. If you’re not a full-service company then it could hurt your reputation and business.

At TRIC Tools, we provide tailored equipment for specific markets you’ll be servicing.

For contractors, we can advise you on the needed tools, equipment, and the training you’ll need to conduct a successful pipe replacement process.

For municipalities, you can future-proof some of the most important infrastructures in your region.

Utilities can enjoy continued profitability while keeping up with the latest innovations and plumbing technology.

5. Go With a Reputable Company

Quality is important when it comes to investing in pipe bursting equipment. Brand new units are more expensive but it’s often justified by the long life expectancy that can translate to years of service and increased profits.

At TRIC Tools, we make sure our partners are investing in top-quality, field-tested products. Our company is the first to introduce the sewer lateral pipe bursting procedure and thus helped establish the trenchless technology of home sewer replacement in the U.S.

We’re committed to bringing our clients the best pipe bursting equipment and reliable products that improve customer satisfaction. TRIC Tools leads the industry with constant innovation, unparalleled service, and excellent support.

Once you order and get your hardware, we provide technical support and training on your preferred timetable. TRIC Tools experts will show you how you can make the most of your pipe bursting equipment for maximum efficiency and longevity.

Partner with TRIC Tools for Quality Equipment and Successful Solutions

At TRIC Tools, we can help you get started in buying the best and most affordable pipe bursting equipment online. Investing in our state-of-the-art machines and newest innovations ensure you get the best deal, and that your customers get the best trenchless service. The no-dig aspect means you can complete multiple workloads in a day and end up with happier, satisfied customers who will spread the word.

Whether you’re a local utility provider, contractor, or municipality, our trained TRIC Tools staff will equip you with the firsthand knowledge and the skills you need to operate pipe bursting machines with 100% accuracy and efficiency. Speak with a TRIC Tools pipeline expert to know more about pipe bursting equipment and trenchless technology today.

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